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Cup with hot tea near computerBy Fran Mysti Hafey

Sometimes there are situations that require no words. A look, a knowing, an understanding between two beings or when a soul recognizes another soul.  When a smile and a hug show our happiness. Or perhaps when someone’s grief is so deep there are no words to comfort; just being there can be enough, a silent, loving energy that surrounds them with love and healing.

Words can be healing or hurtful. They can help or destroy. Choosing our words carefully can make a big difference.

One of the things I did to help myself heal is writing. I was never very good at journaling or writing in a diary every day, but about twenty years ago I began writing more seriously. I wrote poetry and short stories when I was younger; it helped me deal with some tough situations. But much later, I needed to write and share my stories to help others. I dedicated more time to writing and it felt good. It helped me to remember memories, good and bad, as they came to the surface. I always ended each story with a positive note that felt good. Suddenly, I had people sending me emails and leaving comments at my website and groups, telling me how my stories helped them. It felt good to know my sharing was helping others and also helping me to heal inside too!

I’ve been upset for a while that I haven’t been writing every day or even every month! When I came to my blog to make some updates, I noticed I hadn’t posted here in a year! I was shocked and sad too. I feel so much in me that wants to come out onto paper or online! I take notes or jot down ideas I have so I can come back to them later. Then something else comes up or I’m in pain, need to rest or just plain busy! I desire to write more again, so this post is my promise to myself and to others, that I will write more! I hope to write at least once a month! It’s important for me to write, it is part of me and what I am here to do, and, it’s healing.

Love, light, joy and blessings,


P.S. Just to let you know, I typed this whole page while wearing a thumb and wrist brace on! It took me forever, but I wanted to post it before midnight, Eastern time, so it would be posted in January! I then remembered, it’s also the Full BLUE Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse!! What a great time to reaffirm to myself to write and heal more! (((Very Big Smile!!)))

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A Season of Love Message~1-20-2012~Positive Change~

January 20, 2012

A Season of Love Message for Friday:  Today is a good day to be grateful and know that whatever is happening in your life right now, is meant to be for a reason. Our thoughts, our actions, how we speak, how we act, attract energy to us. We can tell others what happens in our lives makes us stronger, which is true, but we also have the ability to make good choices and decisions. We can choose to not give away our power, to find out facts and information, do our best and make the best informed choices and decisions we can. If and when we need help, it’s ok to ask for advice, but it’s ultimately our choices and when we’re in a tough spot, we need to look around and ponder on what kind of thoughts we have. What have our actions been like, how do we think, speak and act? Are we attracting the same energy as we project outward? Sometimes things happen that we cannot foresee and it may be from others actions, not our own, but when we’re positive and do our best, even then we can get through things with less stress and know a good outcome will come, even if it may not seem so right at the time.

Take time today to reflect and ponder on the truth about ourselves and be responsible for our own lives, our own energy and our own choices. It’s always better to look towards the future and not stay in the past for very long. I am happy and grateful for what I have in my life, every day, but when I need and want good, positive changes,  I am the one that has to take the first step! 

Today you can make changes, one thought and one positive step at a time.

 Blessings, peace & love, Fran~Mysti~

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