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Snowy Jack-o-lanterns in Virginia!

A Season of Love Message~10-31-11

October 31, 2011

A Season of Love Message for Monday:  Today is a day I always let my inner child come out to play! It’s Halloween or Samhain, as some call it. It’s good to have fun, pretend, dress up and “trick or treat!” I like the quote by George Bernard Shaw, that says, “ We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing!  It’s so important for us to keep a spirit of playfulness in our hearts and have fun; it’s good for our soul! I like going out trick or treating with my Grandkids, just like I did my kids. I may move a little slower, but I still dress up and have a great time with all the ghouls , goblins, witches, mummies, princesses and heroes! I love seeing the adults getting in on the fun and just letting go!  So today, I can let go of the adult stuff and be a kid at heart! It’s a great feeling and one we should do often. Whatever you do tonight, have fun, be safe and laugh! 

This year I’m not going out door to door with any kids, because all my Grandkids are far away and have plans. I still know I am with them in spirit, in their hearts and I’ll be enjoying my quiet night tonight, about midnight, under the stars and moon, burning my sacred fire in my outdoor fireplace, talking to the trees, the wind, the spirits and my ancestors. I light my candle and stay outside for a while, opening my heart to whatever may come to me. I celebrate this time of year as Harvest, the Celtic New Year, Autumn and a time when the veils between energy is so thin, it’s really not even there. As the time rolls to November 1st from October 31st, the energy is incredible, allowing us to let go of the old and be grateful for all lessons and step into a new day. I love how fresh everything feels on “All Saints Day,” November 1st and how blessed I feel too.

I pray you feel the energy vibrations in all things this time of year and all throughout the year and the seasons. 

Blessings for the Celtic New Year! Happy Samhain, Halloween!


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