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September 23, 2011

Spiritual Pathways for Friday~9-23-11:  Happy Autumn Equinox! Take some time to sit quietly today and feel the energy as night falls earlier and the days become shorter.  Meditate on the cycle of life as the wheel turns once again. Listen to brother crow, watch brother squirrel and feel the cooler winds coming our way. Give thanks for all your blessings as we begin harvest time, gathering our abundance close to hearth and home. 

This is my favorite time of year from Autumn Equinox to Samhain, Halloween, the Celtic New Year! The energy is strong and wonderful and I enjoy time outdoors in nature, watching the leaves change color and feeling the autumn air.  Life seems to slow down once harvest is over and we all begin to prepare for winter. I love the way it feels on November 1st, All Saints Day, the mystical feeling when the veil is thinnest and spirits are close.  Everything feels fresh, new and magical. Wishing you a wonderful Autumn! 


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