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A Moment with Mysti~ April 4, 2014~Manifesting~

I am manifesting!! For a while now, I’ve been downsizing “stuff” in my home. I’ve been giving it away, recycling, throwing away and selling whatever I don’t need or is not serving a purpose. I have thoughts, ideas and dreams I am putting into motion. I am moving the energy, stirring it up, because I have a plan. The home we live in now has been wonderful, a true blessing for us, in the woods, out in the country, surrounded with trees and nature. Now, we need something different, but similar. We are changing and our needs are changing too. I have been looking online at houses and believing the right one for us will present itself when we have more of our ducks in a row. With Spring here now, my attention has turned to putting my energy into moving the energy with my actions! I’ve been cleaning and packing up items we don’t use everyday, so they are ready to unpack when we are in our new home. We’re putting the filled boxes in our storage building and making conscious choices about what to keep and what to let go of. Some days I get discouraged and overwhelmed when I think of how much will have to be done when we move, but I remind myself to stay positive, keep looking forward and to trust we will have the help we need and all that we need, when the time is right.

Get those ducks in a row, keep believing, and manifest your dreams, Mysti-Fran~

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September 26, 2011

Spiritual Pathways for Monday:  Today, I realize, when I need to make changes in my life, I cannot just sit in one place and expect them to fall into my lap. I must think or visualize the changes, speak them and then act upon them, creating them. Believe in them! I must move the energy, begin, take the first step forward, before the wheels begin to turn to make changes I desire in my life. I believe!

When we reach a place in our lives when we sense or feel changes need to be made, we have choices. We can do nothing, thinking things will change on their own or we can begin to think of a plan, write down ideas, speak positively and begin preparing for those changes to come into our lives. I’ve found when I just start, taking the first steps, the energy moves and things begin to happen! Remember, for the highest good and believe that what we need or desire will come or something even better!


A Moment with Mysti

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