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A Moment with Mysti~ March 19, 2014~Healing~

Feeling beat up, but happy! I’m happy because finally someone has determined the source of much of my physical pain. Physical therapy can be tough, but I have to keep reminding myself of the positive benefits. I feel bruised and battered, but all for the greater good. I have wanted to write many days, but I knew I needed to rest and when I could, do things at home needing to be done. With so many energy changes occurring in the last few months, my head has been swimming with ideas and inspiration, but I pace myself. Winter, where I live, has been long and harsh and just as I feel my body, mind and spirit making big changes, the weather is about to do the same too. It takes great strength to get around physically and I’m proud I’m nurturing myself and listening from within to put other things to the side and concentrate on my physical well being. I know all things are connected and as I heal I feel more balance; yet another journey on my path.

Shared with love~Fran-Mysti~2014

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Imagine Stone by Fran Hafey-Mystiblu

Imagine Stone by Fran Hafey-Mystiblu

Balance. Some people cringe at the word, but regardless, it’s a real feat for some of us to find and keep balance in our lives.

Balance has been on my mind recently because with winter changing to spring, there are so many changes coming on pretty fast. I also had do downshift from higher gear to a lower gear to achieve some healing. I had a dental procedure and due to a previous injury, there was a lot of swelling and infection, plus my dentist felt some was due to an allergic reaction. We had no idea what I reacted to, but nonetheless it was painful and took me out of commission for a little over a week!

When something like this happens, when we experience shifts and changes in our lives; which is pretty much all the time, we learn and find ways that help us. When we go from one season to another, deal with illness, move to a new home, change careers, are having difficulty with a number of issues, then, we are in constant search for balance. Perhaps it’s our heart and soul that seeks balance, but our minds need it even more! When not feeling balanced, so many things can affect us in a more negative way, instead of feeling the flow of positive energy that comes when we’ve found the way to have balance with less effort; once it comes more easily for us. I’ve learned how to do this in so many ways that help the balance flow easier and easier for me.

I am often reminded of pain in my body, but with meditation, creating balance, peace and sacred space in my life and surroundings, I find it easier to deal with the physical pain, problems and issues that occur. Our minds can be tuned into thinking positive thoughts to help us everyday. I feel much better when I stay positive and upbeat. I know we will not always feel that way, but we can learn how to do this so the good energy flows easier and more constant in our lives.

Some ways to do this are by taking time out, everyday, to sit and do nothing. Turn off all the clatter going on in your mind, stop the noise. In the beginning, you may be able to do this for only a short time, but with practice and patience the time will grow longer. Sit quietly in a place you enjoy or find comforting. I love to sit outside on our front deck swing or on a moss covered spot at the roots of a tree in the woods or perhaps a window seat or spot indoors where it’s quiet. Look around, take in your surroundings, breathe. You can close your eyes if you like. Slow down your thinking process, leave it at your feet or at the doorway, you can pick it up again later on. If it helps, think of one word. I like to use “peace” or “love” or “breathe.” This helps you to slow down the noise in your head and center on just one thing. I release the tension in my body, let go of holding on and holding in life’s daily thoughts, that can rob us of peace. If you cannot do this everyday, try doing it when you can, but I urge you to try to set aside some “you time” everyday if possible. The balance and peace that follows is worth every minute of it.

Balance is about filling your life with more than just problems and drama. We will have those things in our life, so taking time to create peaceful moments, happiness, sacred space and be mindful of what robs us of these positive things is very important. By doing things I love, that feel good and lifting myself up above negative thinking, I have found balance in my life. When physical pain tries to bring me down, I remember to do what feels right and listen to my body. When others around me try to tell me my way of life is wrong, I remember my heart and what stirs my soul. I spend time in the garden, grow some of our food and herbs, laugh often, spend time doing what I love, walk in nature, surround myself with people filled with love, hug my children, my husband, my dogs and talk to my birds and plants. When we find what makes us feel good and happy and not allow negative energy to steal away these things from us; then we have found balance and it’s easier to maintain balance when we know the difference in positive and negative and how they affect us.

Take time to find out what’s in your life that helps you create balance or what seems to cause you to feel unbalanced. When we identify these things, it helps us to give and take and make positive changes to find and keep the positive balance we need. What’s not working or is taking too much energy or time; let it go, begin to make changes. When it feels good and creates peace and happiness in your life, do whatever you can to keep that great balance!

Blessings and balance~ Fran-Mysti~

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My roses in May at our home in Virginia.

May has been a very busy month for me. I became ill the end of April with what I thought was a cold, (caught it from my husband) but it hung on and believe it or not, I’m just now getting better.

For me, colds tend to turn into other things like bronchitis and pneumonia, even when I am believing it’s not so, when my immune system is weak, my lungs tend to need a little help healing. So, I am here, healing and coming back into better health. 

When we’re healing from an illness, we cannot forget how our bodies, mind and spirit are connected. Even when sick, we need to do our best to get outside and take in the energy of nature. It really does help. Walking and moving our bodies, as we can, helps too, even when we don’t feel like getting out of bed most days or doing anything… pushing ourselves to take a shower, walk outside a bit and drink plenty of water and stretching, does help and can also help reduce stress about being ill and boosts our immune system.

When I’m sick, I still meditate and do my best to relax. This helps my body to heal faster by balancing my body and mind, decreasing my blood pressure, heart rate and the tension I may have in my muscles. For me, I coughed and coughed, which caused headaches and soreness all over. By meditating and doing my best to relax, it helped by releasing and balancing, since everything is connected and affects our bodies and mind, and is very helpful when healing. I continued to take my vitamins and supplements and eating good nutritious foods as much as possible. A variety is good to help fuel, not starve our bodies with what we need to heal and get going again. Getting out in the sunlight can help too, even just for a few minutes! I truly feel rest is one of the most important ingredients and steering away from stress.

During the month of May, I had so many engagements and things I needed to go to and being sick didn’t help. I didn’t want to go somewhere and “share the germs,” so I made sure I was not in an infectious stage when going out. I was glad I had two weeks to get over the worst of it… the runny nose, coughing, fever and ikky feeling all over, before attending any outings. Most of the functions had been planned for months, so I did my best to heal and get to them. I found that being around others, laughing and having a good time helped in my healing process, even though my illness changed from a cold to something a bit more intense and I had to get my doctor to help out some before it would go away.

I think even as healers and spiritual beings our bodies do become ill at times and sometimes it takes a bit more to recover when we’re just doing too much and have spread ourselves a bit thin. None of us are exempt from illness, but many of us know what’s best and when we need to do more. I ended up with pneumonia because my body just couldn’t keep up with the demands on it, so I acted accordingly. There is no magic wand that keeps us from succumbing to illness, but we do know eating right, exercising, getting plenty of rest, healthy activities and more do help. Some people are healthier than others and that’s just a fact. We are all different, but all connected.

I hope you all had a wonderful May and are looking forward to June and Summer being here once more. Where I live on the east coast, the weather has been up and down, but hit in the 90’s for Memorial Day. I have most of my garden planted and have been resting in between all the activities, gardening, writing and getting ready for a Family Reunion the end of June! So, once again, I may be pretty busy and post when I can to let you know how things are going.

The theme these days is “fast and furious” lol, so take care and keep in touch. As I can, I will share some pictures of some of the places I went and things I did in May! I feel good about it all because I’m doing just what I feel I’m supposed to be doing… getting out of the house more, meeting new people and not on the computer quite as much, lol. Everything comes together as it should and in Divine timing!

Love, light and peace to all,                



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