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A Moment with Mysti~ April 4, 2014~Manifesting~

I am manifesting!! For a while now, I’ve been downsizing “stuff” in my home. I’ve been giving it away, recycling, throwing away and selling whatever I don’t need or is not serving a purpose. I have thoughts, ideas and dreams I am putting into motion. I am moving the energy, stirring it up, because I have a plan. The home we live in now has been wonderful, a true blessing for us, in the woods, out in the country, surrounded with trees and nature. Now, we need something different, but similar. We are changing and our needs are changing too. I have been looking online at houses and believing the right one for us will present itself when we have more of our ducks in a row. With Spring here now, my attention has turned to putting my energy into moving the energy with my actions! I’ve been cleaning and packing up items we don’t use everyday, so they are ready to unpack when we are in our new home. We’re putting the filled boxes in our storage building and making conscious choices about what to keep and what to let go of. Some days I get discouraged and overwhelmed when I think of how much will have to be done when we move, but I remind myself to stay positive, keep looking forward and to trust we will have the help we need and all that we need, when the time is right.

Get those ducks in a row, keep believing, and manifest your dreams, Mysti-Fran~

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The dragonfly I met last year, Blu.~

The dragonfly I met last year, Blu~












I took down my hummingbird feeders to clean them and put them up one last time before the temperatures get cooler; I noticed a hummingbird hanging around as if to remind me. When I hung the last one from the pole on the deck, I sat on the porch swing to see if they would notice and come around. I had just seen one at the back yard feeder, so I figured he would check it out soon.

Quietly, I watched other birds in the woods and listened. The wind was picking up a bit and I could feel a light rain starting. I waited, but no hummingbirds. As I sat, I heard a message coming to me from within. “Often when we’re looking for something it doesn’t just show up, but as soon as we look away, it may manifest.”

Something caught my attention from the corner of my eye, and without turning my head I saw a hummingbird at the newly placed feeder. I smiled, sat back to relax, and just savored the moment. When I let go of looking so hard for them to appear, once I put the thought out to the Universe and just let it flow in the right timing, it happened. Not all of our thoughts will manifest that quickly or sometimes they don’t come at all, because there is often something even better coming to us, perhaps better than we can even imagine in our own mind at the time.

I was happy to see the little hummingbird, enjoying what I was sharing with him. We shared our gratitude for one another and I continued to sit a while and enjoy the moment.

Peace be with you always.

Love and light,



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