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Hello everyone,

My book,  “A Season of Love, Stories that Help Heal, Grow and Find Peace Within,” is finished and I now have a page for it all its own. On this page, you can read the write up on the book from the Publisher, check my Author Bio, read the forward, some stories in the book and purchase the book in a few different places and ways.  You can also get your “signed” copy sent from me with a free book marker included, but sent with my blessings and good positive energy that you will enjoy the book, receive something good from it and be blessed beyond measure. I hope you will then share what you feel about the book with others or even share the book. (smile) My main incentive is for people to enjoy the book and read the messages and thoughts for each day. I pray they will feel the love, peace and positive energy in the book. Of course I want to sell some books, but the most important thing to me is that what I share will be received and honored as a gift from within.

“A Season of Love,” has been a dream and I was finally able to achieve it! I began writing the stories and articles in the book years ago. I would write them for different places, such as my website, newsletter, my spiritual groups I have at yahoo and other places. They were free so people would enjoy the messages I had to share.  After years of writing, many people said I should put them all into a book. The idea was appealing and I began to think about it.  I enjoyed writing so much and writing had helped heal my soul. I am on a spiritual path, but awakening years ago to the changes I needed to make in my life, writing allowed me to get my experiences out, to share with others. The messages in each story were sometimes Divinely given to me. I would be washing dishes, working in my garden or meditating and suddenly the idea for the next story would come to me. I would take down notes or run to my computer and start putting it down in words. It would flow so well, I was often unaware of what I was really typing, but somehow I become one with the energy in the words being created on the page. Afterwards, I would read what I had typed and was amazed how it all came together. I would check the typos or change how a sentence was structured, but for the most part it all came together as it flowed so well.

I began researching Publishers and how to go about getting the writings and stories into a book. I wanted to learn the next phase of this dream. I asked others that had published, but didn’t get much help. It seemed as if they all felt I should know this, I could find the information myself or they were all too busy. I just wanted to hear others experiences with their book publishing and how to get started in a huge world on the internet of different ways to publish and different companies out there. I wanted my book to look good, feel good and not cost me a small fortune. I began finding out about self publishing and printing on demand, but I was unsure of what to do.

I remember looking, asking questions, joining writers groups and nothing seemed to click. Maybe it just wasn’t the right time. That’s what I would tell myself and believed that one day it would all fall into place. Also, I had the money a couple of times, but each time, something would happen and there was an emergency and the money would have to be used.

I began experiencing pain in my left arm and ended up going through a long ordeal of shots, physical therapy, pain, lack of sleep and losing control of my body. This “streak” lasted five years! I was in and out of the hospital for one thing or another, was put through test after test, you name it, x-rays, sonograms or ultrasounds, stress tests, cat scans, lab tests and MRI’s. The more pain I was in, the worse I became, the more muscle mass I lost and then more pain. A vicious cycle. I fell several times and had a concussion and back fracture. Each time I thought I was beginning to get better, something else would happen. During all of this, I kept holding onto my dream of one day getting my book out there to the world. I somehow continued most of the things I was doing online and barely told people what was going on with my health. I became embarrassed to tell anyone or ask for healing and prayers when things kept happening, one after another. I held on, even as my mind, body and spirit were surely being tested in all ways. I was learning about patience, loving myself, creating, manifesting, being still and mindful of everything in my life, being grateful and so much more. There’s nothing that will teach you valuable lessons and perhaps faster, then when you have something and then one day you don’t have it anymore, especially your health.

I was many days, unable to shower, pick anything up, move, sleep, brush my hair and teeth, get dressed or go to the bathroom by myself. It caused so much pain I would cry out. Doctors gave me pills and more pills. I had to use oxygen at home and go to physical therapy. I became very aware of the really important people in my life and I was grateful for them. We learn to let go of ego and pride when we truly need someone else’s help. 

So my friends, “A Season of Love,”  was partly written before all that happened, but some of it wasn’t. Some was born out of true life experiences and learning, never giving up and staying strong on my path, even when I couldn’t see another step in front of me, I learned to have more faith. I learned about being very grateful for this moment. The one I’m having right now. Breathing, blinking, typing, sitting, moving my right leg up and down and sharing this message with you. 

I hope you will acquire your own copy of my book or get it in ebook format for your eReader. On my book page, there is a link to get a free eReader for your computer or phone. Please do take a moment to visit and read more information about, “A Season of Love,  and enjoy the music and links I’ve shared there. I hope you will feel compelled to read it and I pray you enjoy it.

Thank you to many for your support over the years. Support in love, good energy, little pushes to get the book finished and to never, ever give up! Keep your dream a live and set your mind and heart to accomplishing what you’ve been called to do and what your soul is urging you to do.

Here is the link to the book page… http://Mystickblue.com/ASeasonofLove.html

~Peace~ Mysti-Fran~

The video here is by “Lonestar,” called, “Mountains.” I’m not really into country music, but I like some of it and this song, well, you just have to listen to the words and know why I fell in love with it. I hope you enjoy it.~

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