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Summer Dawn in Virginia by Fran Hafey

Summer Dawn in Virginia by Fran Hafey


“I love the feeling of exhilaration when my soul knows something wonderful is about to happen!”~Fran Hafey-Mysti~

   At times, we may think things are not changing or going right; when we feel as if everything is causing us problems or to go the long way to get anywhere. Issues may look stacked against us, feeling we have nowhere to turn. It feels as if everyone has gone away, we have no help and we’re not sure what to do next. We’re smacked in the face, more than once or twice, but we know we have to pick ourselves up and move forward. It can take a lot out of us and we may feel nothing is ever going to change, when we see a small glimmer of light through the darkness. Something always gives. It may not seem like much, it may not even be what we wanted, or thought we wanted, but something will change. We have an opportunity come to us, it challenges us, and we take a different direction than we’re used to. We try it, we learn, we find something new. When we put our positive energy towards it and believe something good is coming to us, then, it will.

   I have observed so many times people getting in their own way. Even me, *laughing* We are afraid of making mistakes, doing things wrong or hurting more, but we have to try new things or we won’t learn. I love to learn. We all prefer to learn in happier settings and have good things happen for us or to us, but we learn more through the tough times. We learn how strong we are and what we’re really good at. We learn who really loves us and about humanity. We learn what we can live without and what we truly need. We learn what regret is, but we also learn that we don’t need to have regrets because it robs us of our energy and does nothing positive. With time, we can learn to have peace, to let go, to grow and move forward, always learning as we go!

   Keep believing something wonderful is about to happen!

   Love, peace and joy, Fran-Mysti~


“I believe in miracles and magic”~

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A Moment with Mysti~ January 26, 2014

I’m a home-body. I like being home. I tell myself often, that’s ok. Everyone has a purpose and not all of us were meant to travel all over the world with our messages or be in front of huge crowds. Now and then, I wonder why I am the way I am. I don’t single out my imperfections and name them. I take the whole package and know everything is connected. Through pain and joy, I’ve learned so much and I love to learn and welcome it. I also know life isn’t always smooth sailing, we will have ups and downs, but when we’re positive, help others, give unselfishly and be the light we’re here to be, we will find peace. Striving to be love is how we invite love and peace into our lives. 

Today I baked cranberry orange pecan bread while taking pictures of deer just past our backyard fence. I enjoyed spending the day with some of the guys in my life, my husband, son and grandson and of course our dogs and birds. I did some laundry, computer work and hey, the cold temperatures outside don’t bother me as long as I’m home. *smile*

Peace and love, Fran~Mysti

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Spiritual Pathways for Thursday~9-22-11: The Autumn Equinox is almost upon us. Take some time to walk outside and enjoy the changes in nature. Sit under a tree, enjoy, breathe in the wonderful energy and know that just like the seasons, we also go through changes and cycles in our lives. Enjoy the cooler days and take time to appreciate nature’s beauty. 

For those on the other side of the world, Happy Spring! May we all feel the wonderful energy surging through Mother Earth as she turns once again and the days begin to change. It’s amazing how she keeps the balance and life can be what we believe and what we make it. We are all creators. Blessings and light.~


A Moment with Mysti

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Spiritual Pathways LoveNote~
March, 2010
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“Sometimes what’s good for us may come in unexpected ways,
not always in the shape or form we were hoping for, but it comes
right when we need it and opens a door to countless opportunities”
                                                Mystiblu~Fran Hafey
What’s Good For Us~
Fran Hafey/Mystiblu
I remember as a child hearing adults say “eat it, its good
for you,” or “take it, it’ll make you feel better.” Even though
at the time I didn’t probably think so, usually they were
right. It may not have tasted good, but it was good for me
in a bigger way, a way I couldn’t really understand or see
at the time.
In life, we often times have things that are good for us and
we don’t always see it or realize it. Things may happen in
ways we don’t see as a blessing or as good and our nature
is to fight it or let it affect us in a not so positive way because
we just don’t understand it.
Why do you think it is, that we humans don’t always see
what’s right in front of us and also see something that’s good
for us? We may have to get used to it or adjust, because its
different. If some things good for us, wouldn’t it make sense
that it should feel good or better? Often, it can take time to
get used to changes and make adjustments, even when its
good for us. I know taking vitamins and herbal supplements
are good for me and are to help me, but, good or not, it still
takes time to get used to taking them everyday or when we’re
supposed to. Its in this routine that they get into our bodies,
our systems, and then can really begin to help and make a
When something happens in your life, try and step back and
see the bigger picture. Again, its normal to be curious or
wonder why, but so often, by letting go and not over thinking
or trying to figure things out, we can find the true,
encompassing understanding just by allowing peace and
fluidity of our heart and soul to be more in control than
our mind and nature. When something hurts or doesn’t feel
right, we normally look for answers, whether it be emotional,
physical or spiritual. Mind, body, spirit. The answers will come,
but not always in the way we may think they will or just when
we want them. With time and experience, we find ways of
accepting things that happen with a more positive manner,
finding peace within, letting go of what we don’t need and
moving forward to allow love to show us the lesson involved.
If forgiveness is needed, then love will show us a way and  
all things will in time, fall into place.
Just remember, we may not see all the pieces of the puzzle
right in front of us all at the same time, but when searching 
and traveling on the spiritual path, light will show us the way 
and what direction to go next, even when we thought for a
moment we were lost and didn’t understand, love, light, 
compassion and kindness will always show us a way.
Today I can find my way through anything, when I look
towards the light and be the light. My life path will show  
me the way when I ask for help and trust myself and my
Higher Power.
Blessings and grace dear friends, today and everyday~,
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