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I’ve been blessed to have good memories of Thanksgiving with my family. We had a storybook setting out in the country, with a large table, a big turkey and all the trimmings and traditions. I learned to cook the Thanksgiving meal when I was about eleven years old by watching and helping my Mom. She’s a good cook and always told me her Mother did this or her Aunt did that, but she had her own ways of doing things. As the family grew, we stopped going to my Mom and Dad’s once they got older and some of my siblings would have them over to eat or we would get together in smaller groups, but we always go to my parents home for Christmas.

All the vegetables we ate that day came from our garden. We grew potatoes, green beans, sweet potatoes, corn and several varieties of squash. We grew much more, but those are the ones I remember eating at Thanksgiving. I remember having a turkey, but I was told sometimes in earlier years they would have a large chicken if money was tight. Most of the bread and desserts were made fresh and life seemed a little simpler then. After our meal, most of us would go outside if the weather was nice, while some had coffee, maybe some television later on, but not as much as people watch today. Mostly, the television was on in the morning to see the “Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.” We watched the parade while cooking and preparing for the day.

I’ve seen holidays that were tighter than others, but over the years, we’ve cut back to a reasonable meal, proclaiming it’s more important to have an abundance of love, than an abundance of food! It doesn’t really matter if you have pizza, tofu, burritos or turkey sandwiches. Just being together, sharing our prosperity with others all year round, coming together on several days of the year to tell others how blessed we are, is really the best blessing of all.

Traditions are nice and having a big meal is great, but not all people have that for Thanksgiving. I hope and pray no matter what foods we have, what traditions we uphold, that what we have the most of, is love! Although compassion, understanding, forgiveness and peace are good to have too!

When we get ready to sit down and eat, if it’s two, four, six or eight people, I always take a moment to remember others, in whatever situation they may be in, that wish they were home or were warm, full, loved and not alone or in tough places right now. I ask my Creator to bring people together for the highest good and I ask that their hearts be filled with love. I also say “thank you” for everything and remember to share. No matter how much food we have, I’m going to have a moderate meal, but have a HUGE amount of LOVE to go around, and it’s not fattening at all!

I pray and believe, and wish for you the very best Thanksgiving ever, filled with all that you need and most of all, Love.~

Blessings~ Mysti~


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The dragonfly I met last year, Blu.~

The dragonfly I met last year, Blu~












I took down my hummingbird feeders to clean them and put them up one last time before the temperatures get cooler; I noticed a hummingbird hanging around as if to remind me. When I hung the last one from the pole on the deck, I sat on the porch swing to see if they would notice and come around. I had just seen one at the back yard feeder, so I figured he would check it out soon.

Quietly, I watched other birds in the woods and listened. The wind was picking up a bit and I could feel a light rain starting. I waited, but no hummingbirds. As I sat, I heard a message coming to me from within. “Often when we’re looking for something it doesn’t just show up, but as soon as we look away, it may manifest.”

Something caught my attention from the corner of my eye, and without turning my head I saw a hummingbird at the newly placed feeder. I smiled, sat back to relax, and just savored the moment. When I let go of looking so hard for them to appear, once I put the thought out to the Universe and just let it flow in the right timing, it happened. Not all of our thoughts will manifest that quickly or sometimes they don’t come at all, because there is often something even better coming to us, perhaps better than we can even imagine in our own mind at the time.

I was happy to see the little hummingbird, enjoying what I was sharing with him. We shared our gratitude for one another and I continued to sit a while and enjoy the moment.

Peace be with you always.

Love and light,



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A Season of Love Message~11-11-11~

November 11, 2011

A Season of Love Message for Friday:  Today is Veteran’s Day. I am proud of the recognition people are now giving our Veterans of different wars, our fallen military and active duty. I married a, “lifer” as they call them, who started in the Marines, then went to the Navy as a corpsman, or Doc. He’d already been in fifteen years when we married and went the distance of thirty years! My Dad was in the Navy and my Uncle was in the Air Force. I also have son-in-laws that were Army, so I’m surrounded by patriotism from all corners of the military. I put my American flags out, sometimes leaving them out all year, but for this day, I will take time to thank a Veteran for their service and show my gratitude and appreciation. I hope you will too!

Some people think going into the military is just another job, it’s not. Men and women that join the military give more than just their time. They take a chance in being sent to dangerous places all over the world, being separated from their families, being hurt or killed and they give their all for our country. They secure our freedom. I’m sure there are other jobs that are dangerous, but not too many that make a person so proud to serve their country and give one hundred present! What they give and sometimes what is taken can lasts a lifetime!  I am very proud to be an American!

Being a military wife, I’ve seen secondhand, what it can be like. Not firsthand, because I’ve not been in the military, but I have had many sleepless nights, missing the one I love, wondering if they’re safe, hurt, alive and praying they and all his comrades, come home safe. I want to also thank all the military families for what they’ve given too! It takes strong people to stand beside their military loved one!

Thank you Veterans, for what you’ve given and what you give for our country and for our freedom! Bless you for being who you are and for standing up when called upon! Thank you.

Blessings and peace,~Mysti-Fran

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Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1019 Winchester, Virginia

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A Season of Love Message~11-4-11~A Place of Gratitude

November 4, 2011

A Season of Love Message for Friday:  Today I am in a place of gratitude!  It’s good to remember to count our blessings and be grateful. Every day I find something I am thankful for, even the smallest things. So many people are hurting, struggling, in pain, feeling lack in their lives; I know it’s not a good or positive place to be. When we’re having difficulties and life is pulling at us, it’s not easy to look around and feel grateful, but even then, there is always something to be grateful for. Perhaps we can look up and see the sun, feel its warmth on a cold day, breathe fresh air, have clean water, hear from a friend, feel love from a pet, have food to eat, electricity and a place to sleep. Too many don’t have those things and when I stop to think about it, I close my eyes and send out love and abundant, positive thoughts to the world and the Universe, believing that energy will help us all have what we need and to be in a place of gratitude.

This week has been interesting and fruitful. To me, most weeks are, because being positive attracts good things to us. I also find that when I give, I receive. I’ve been going through clothes, coats, blankets and things to give away and I thought it would be nice to have a few new sweaters for myself, since it’s getting colder. I believe it’s good to get rid of the old to make room for the new, so that’s what I’ve been doing. When we give, we always receive one way or another!

While online, I saw an email pop up that looked interesting from a Freecycle group I’m on. Freecycle, are groups online you can join for the area you live in, where people give away things they no longer need or want to keep them out of the land fields.  My family and I have given away some things and we’ve received some too.

I responded to the email where a lady was giving away some nice clothes with the tags still on them, especially two sweaters and they were my size. I responded and she said I could have two bags, but one was already promised to someone else. I said that was fine and we made arrangements for me to pick them up. I was happy they were nice and it felt good to receive them. I wrote her an email when I got home and said thank you. She wrote back and said she had another bag, she felt bad I hadn’t gotten the best one. My husband picked them up while he was out and I was excited that everything in the bag was brand new, my size and just beautiful! I was so happy and felt so blessed. We didn’t get to meet her, she wasn’t home, but I felt this “angel,” must have heard me when I said I needed a few new items of clothing and she came through! She and I are planning on getting together soon for lunch, so “two” requests came through and the Universe has a way of bringing things together in the most wonderful ways!

Blessings & gratitude,


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Spiritual Pathways LoveNote~

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June 20, 2009

Counting Our Blessings~
By Fran Hafey/Mystiblu

Rain, rain, rain! It’s been raining so much, in some areas where we
live, we’ve had flooding. Our garden is mud, the dogs are always
wet and stinky and its just no fun when you can’t go out and play
because of the rain!

But, now the sun has come out and wow, a rainbow! What a beautiful
sight and one of promise! I haven’t had to water my plants or garden
at all and we save the rain water in barrels and containers to use for
those dryer days.

If we look, we can find blessings all around us. The rain is good and
all living things need it, especially the trees, plants and garden. When
it comes to the weather and some circumstances, we don’t always
have as much control over them as others. We can however count our
blessings each day and see just how much we truly do have good in
our lives, even amongst the troubles and chaos. I find when I do this,
I always feel better and so blessed!

I may have some pain in my body, but I can see, hear, taste and move
around, use my arms and legs and so on. Some days may get cloudy
and dark, but I trust and know it won’t stay that way. How we think,
speak and act has so much to do with the energies all around us. Take
a look around and see the blessings you have, even when you’re not
feeling so good. Do you have a comfortable home, a good family, loving
pets, food, clothing, a television, shoes, electricity, water and so on?
I bet you can find something good in your life, when we take the time
to really look and when you do, make a note to yourself.
Wow, then you have something to be grateful for and are truly blessed!

Affirmation: Today, no matter how I feel or what’s happening in
my life, I WILL find some things to be grateful for, make mental notes
or write them down, and realize, I have many blessings. Let someone,
even SpiritGod/Creator, know how you feel, even if you sing, dance
and show your gratefulness in your own way! Count your blessings!

Peace, light, love, joy and blessings,~

*Note-Spirit/God/Source/Creator is what Mysti uses in her writings. Please replace with
your own Higher Power or whatever feels good to you. Thank you~

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