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My Super Power-Laughter

By Fran Mysti Hafey

“Laughter is an instant vacation.”~Milton Berle

Every now and then, I may write something here that is a bit deep and dark, because we all have light and dark within us and we must strive to keep the balance.

Many people on the internet and even in my personal life, know me, but they do not really know all of me. What we choose to share with others is our choice. I am an upbeat person, but I also go through darker times when I need space and to figure things out. My super power is laughter! When my body aches, I am tired and life gets very busy, laughing always helps me. I am very blessed to have a quick wit and I not only enjoy laughing, but making others laugh too. I am also very addicted to “the movie or song” game. When I see an actor in something, I have to figure out where or what else I have seen them in! When I hear a song, I will try to figure out who it is singing it! Some people think I am obcessed, but if you look around, a lot of people do that or something similar. LOL. I am also very expressive. I laugh, cry, make faces, use my hands and body to talk and express myself and I can immitate sounds and voices. I also whistle and sing… all the time! I live to my own rhythm, music and beat!

I think “who” I am has come from being very sensitive about everything. I feel things deeply and laughter has been my way to lighten up my life for a long time. I know when to use my super-power and when it is needed most. I am very grateful I have been given this ability and I will always use it for good.

We will always have to keep the balance between light and dark in our lives, so choose to laugh as often as you can and be grateful. Laughter is a gift.~


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I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with love, blessings and abundance! Here in Virginia, the weather was beautiful with a sunny, warmer day for November. My family and I, got outside, played some football, had some laughs and enjoyed a wonderful meal my oldest daughter cooked for us. It all came together with everyone bringing a dish, dessert, extra chairs, a table cloth, etc. or whatever was needed for a larger dinner crowd. My parents were both there, in their mid 80’s and left before it got dark for their trek home.

During the day, we told stories and talked about our latest aches and pains, but never forgot how blessed we were to be there all together. We know, not all families have what some consider a traditional Thanksgiving, with the turkey and stuffing, vegetables, pies and football games. Many are homeless, estranged from loved ones, alone, seeking work and not fortunate enough to have family and friends to gather with. I know this and do my part to help throughout the year, giving to those in need, whether it be spiritual or physical. I do my best not to complain but ask for a little help now and then when my body feels the need to slow down and take a break. 

My message for today is about really giving from the heart and how for the Holidays we don’t have to buy anything to make others happy. What we give, truly give from within, is the most important thing. 

This time of year isn’t always easy for me, not because I get depressed, stressed or feel flustered about shopping, cooking and decorating, but because I feel so much of the energy floating around from others, that’s not positive or loving, but is more about buying, getting, taking, rushing, complaining, arguing, money and much more. I do my best to keep the true meaning of the holidays in my heart
all year long, having joy and peace within as much as possible. It makes me sad to see how some people act around the holidays. The meaning of the holidays is what’s most important, not how many gifts we buy, the amount of money we spend or if we can buy the biggest gift to try and please others. I can hardly stand watching the commercials on television promoting buying a car, diamonds or monstrous gifts or the attitudes of some children these days about the holidays. It has to begin at home; passing from one to another the real meanings, the traditions, what’s really important and how wonderful it is to really put some loving thought into what we do, how we act and our attitude of gratitude at this time of year and all year long. 

What are we teaching and learning? I find that the innocence of a child about the holidays is refreshing and true. I saw a television show during the weekend called, “Cancel
Christmas.” It was about re-birthing hope, trust, love and giving gifts of ourselves, from our hearts instead of buying gifts from a store. It was very heart warming and I cried when I saw people helping each other not because they had to, but because they wanted to. There was one part I really loved when the real Santa went to the local mall and children sat upon his lap, he asked them “what gift are you going to give your parents this year?” The children looked puzzled for a minute and said, “But I don’t have any money?” That’s when Santa told them, “Gifts don’t have to be bought, you can give a gift of helping with the dishes for a week or do something helpful around the house.” When pictures were taken of Santa, each picture showed him differently, as each child saw Santa in their hearts. Santa was a different nationality in every picture! I was amazed by this creative thought the writer came up with for this television movie. Yes, it was on television, but it had a wonderful message. It was on The Hallmark channel and this time of year, they show a lot of beautiful movies that truly touch our hearts. 

Every year, I do my best to spread holiday cheer and joy, reminding people of the most important things. I’ve always loved the feel in the air, how more than not, people have the holiday spirit. When I was about five years old, I would play Christmas  records on my small record player all year round, loving the way they made me feel when I thought about Christmas trees, holly, mistletoe, snow, the loving spirited stories, the
baby Jesus, the angels, the Christmas story, family, reindeer, decorations and so much more. I just loved the magical feeling and still do to this day. That’s one of the biggest reasons I do my best to keep the holiday spirit alive and well within me all year long, but especially during the Winter Solstice, Yule, Christmas, or whatever people choose to call it for their own beliefs and way of life. 

This year and every year, give from the heart, choose gifts that feel good to give and don’t be so concerned if the receiver will think you spent enough. It’s true, “it’s the thought that counts,” and having a joy filled, no stress, loving holiday is the best gift we can give ourselves and others too. Choose to do things that feel good and not try to over do or just do too much. It’s not good when we dread the holidays coming, but when we look forward to them with the heart of a child and hold that feeling all year long! 

Happy Holidays and I wish you peace, love, joy and light always,

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A Season of Love Message~12-5-11~The Best Gift of All~

December 5, 2011

A Season of Love Message for Monday:  Today, I will think of gifts I can give to people that have deeper meaning in them than just to make someone happy for a few minutes. Do you give gifts that are well thought out, that give longer than a few minutes or a few days? When giving from the heart, we can be even more creative when giving gifts, even “re-gifting” a gift that is something close to our hearts that we know will feel the same for someone else we love. The true meaning of the Holidays isn’t to try and buy everything on someone’s list, but to create a happy, warm feeling in the heart that will last a lot longer than just through the New Year! Today I will take time to think about giving gifts that have deeper meaning and feeling to them and give from my heart with love. 

So often, people will tell us, what they want for the Holidays. I used to ask and try to give gifts people on my list needed or wanted, which made them happy and me too. As the years have gone by and I’ve enjoyed many Holidays as a child, adult, Mother and Nana, I’ve been changing my views on gift giving and receiving. I love the surprise in the beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree, but sometimes when we get older, the surprise and magic seems to fade. It doesn’t have to. We can keep the fun, the surprise and magic in the Holidays by giving gifts that are well thought out, fun, cheerful and even by “re-gifting” something we’ve enjoyed and loved, to someone that will also enjoy, love and appreciate them. Sometimes no gift is good, when we get to spend time with those we love and just share good food, conversation, laughs and good times! When we give gifts because we’re sharing love and joy, we don’t need to expect a gift back from those we give to, it’s in giving from the heart that’s so important, that creates the true joy for the holidays!

A gift from the heart, no matter how expensive it is or even if it didn’t cost anything in monetary value, is always the best gift because it truly means the most. Think about it. What gift can you give that’s from the heart and not just from your pocket? I’m sure whatever gift you give, when you give it with love and from your heart, it’s the best gift of all!

 Blessings, peace & joy, Fran~Mysti~ 

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October 14, 2011

A Season of Love Message for Friday:  Today is a good day to help someone who’s lonely. There are so many people in the world that are alone and would love to have some company. Seniors living alone, would love to have someone stop by and take time out of our busy lives to sit and just talk, perhaps ask if there’s anything we can do for them. Say hello to a neighbor, the wife with children whose husband’s in Iraq fighting for our Country. She may appreciate a friendly smile, someone to chat with while sharing a cup of coffee. It’s special and a gift to others, when we give of our time and self.  If it’s not something you can do today, then make a plan and stick to it, helping someone feel good, and you too! Peace & hugs, Mysti~Fran~ 

I know what it feels like to be lonely. I’ve been that Military wife with children and wishing I had another adult to talk to some days, someone to break the monotony and help time not feel so long in between seeing that loved one.  I’ve worked in nursing homes and hospitals and I know how lonely people get and I’ve seen their faces light up when someone visits; taking the time to make a point of stopping by to say, “Hello, hope you’re doing ok!” It’s not really about bringing a gift, it’s about giving of ourselves and our time… something most people tend to feel we don’t have enough of. When we make time, to take time, that’s not just a gift we give to ourselves, but a gift we share with others too. It’s a gift that makes hearts grow warm with love, better than a store bought gift could ever be and one that can be given any time of the year! 

Make time to take time, you’ll be glad you did!~ Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend!


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My new book is now available~A Season of Love~

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