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September 27, 2011

Spiritual Pathways for Tuesday:  We all have busy lives. Going to work, kids, school, shopping, appointments, not always making time to meditate or spend time with SpiritGod. Spirit is always within us and in everything around us. We may think we can’t find the time to spend quality time with SpiritGod, but we can do it all throughout our day. We can talk to Spirit while we’re driving, vacuuming, jogging, taking a hot bath, washing the dishes, washing windows, sweeping the floor or many activities we do! It’s all a matter of letting things flow and feeling the Divine energy. 

I have found many ways to have quality time with Spirit and find inspiration. I love looking out the window at my flower gardens and nature while I’m washing dishes.  I sing when I’m vacuuming or cleaning and feel the energy rise in me. I will sit on my front porch listening to the birds sing or while riding in a car on the way to an appointment looking out the window. When I sit in the waiting room, I rarely read or look at my cell phone, I take that time to just sit quietly and go within, taking a break from movement, thinking and always doing something. If we pay attention, we always seem to find opportunities for what we really need. 


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