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September 26, 2011

Spiritual Pathways for Monday:  Today, I realize, when I need to make changes in my life, I cannot just sit in one place and expect them to fall into my lap. I must think or visualize the changes, speak them and then act upon them, creating them. Believe in them! I must move the energy, begin, take the first step forward, before the wheels begin to turn to make changes I desire in my life. I believe!

When we reach a place in our lives when we sense or feel changes need to be made, we have choices. We can do nothing, thinking things will change on their own or we can begin to think of a plan, write down ideas, speak positively and begin preparing for those changes to come into our lives. I’ve found when I just start, taking the first steps, the energy moves and things begin to happen! Remember, for the highest good and believe that what we need or desire will come or something even better!


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Spiritual Pathways LoveNote~
January 3, 2010 
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 Life…One step at a time, being brave, trusting, having faith and learning from wonderful experiences and adventures!~”
                                                ~Mystiblu~ 2010
 Life Adventures~
 By Fran Hafey/Mystiblu
Today, someone on one of my Spiritual Discussion groups sent a quote and it resonated with me deeply. The quote is by M. Scott Peck and I’m sharing it for you below.
An adventure is going into the unknown. If you know exactly where you are 
going, exactly how you will get there, and exactly what you will see along the 
way, it is not an adventure. Because they involve the unknown, adventures
are inherently dangerous to a greater or lesser degree. Yet its is also only from
adventures and their newness that we learn. If we know exactly where we’re
going, exactly how to get there, and exactly what we’ll see along the way,
we won’t learn anything.
                             ~M. Scott Peck
If we knew exactly where we were going, how to get there and what we would see, I call that boring and uneventful, not an adventure at all! When I read this I kept thinking about “Bilbo Baggins” and all his wonderful adventures he took while leaving his home in the Shire amongst his Hobbit family and friends! He felt an urge, an uneasyness about just staying at home, not doing what his heart and soul were calling him to do. He may have made a plan, maybe he didn’t, but he packed lightly and set out to create wonderful new experiences and adventures, exploring and trusting not only in himself, but perhaps his Source, Higher Power, to help him along his way and path. Bilbo saw opportunity and took it, and what wonderful things he experienced and shared with others, which in turn inspired them perhaps, to also have thoughts of opportunity, adventure and newness. They were in awe of his travelings and what he had seen, done and learned and came home to share with them. Some of them may have also wanted to explore and learn what was waiting, within or on a path that may have taken them from what they knew so well, and dive into a new day filled with endless possibilities.~
Affirmation:  I can set out to make and create new experiences in my life, trust and go with the flow, but also set my mind, words and actions to trusting that life is filled with wonderful new adventures and we never cease to learn! We have the opportunity to create every new day!
~Wishing all, a Wonderful Holiday filled with every good thing and a fantastic New Year!~ From my family to yours~
Peace, light, love, joy and blessings,~
*Note-Spirit/God/Source/Creator is what Mysti uses in her writings. Please  
 replace with your own Higher Power or whatever feels good to you.  
 Thank you~
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