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I grew up in the country near a small town where we went to church, did our grocery shopping and every year we went Trick or Treating. We never bought our costumes; we merely went up to the attic and went through clothes my Mother had saved for years and years, along with a few masks, wigs and makeup. We would put our costumes together with the help of Mom, who was also a wonderful seamstress. We would go to our church Halloween parties, where they had haunted houses, goodies to eat, a contest for different ages and the adults dressed up just to be mysterious and have fun! I had my picture in the local newspaper one year for winning with my witch outfit, which was all authentic except for the mask! For Trick or Treat, we’d go to sections of town where we knew folks and many times I would hear how cute and sweet we were and oh my, how much we’d grown since they saw us last. Most were church friends and Mom felt safer driving places she knew well.

I learned a lot about values and traditions from my Mom and the energy and creativity she put into helping us figure out our costumes and put them together. I appreciated that and kept the tradition when my children were old enough for Trick or Treats, never buying costumes but finding things around the house, maybe buying a prop or something extra we needed from time to time, but mostly everything was homemade. We had fun, no matter where we lived, but for many years we would go back to my old Trick or Treating stomping grounds in the little town I grew up in. I knew everyone in town practically in the areas I went myself as a child. We would go as a family and sometimes we, the adults, dressed up too. I always loved this time of year with the fun, the mystery, the changes of the season and how it led to even more holidays!

Autumn and Halloween have always felt very magical and mysterious to me, so it’s always been my favorite time of year, even before I learned more of its significance and importance to me.

Now, I hold many of my own traditions; decorating the front door and porch and inside the house too. I don’t have any little ones, but my grown children take their children Trick or Treating now, a few are already too old and have told me they miss the fun of going out on Halloween night, Trick or Treating. There is no age limit on dressing up and going out, having fun and giving the treats to the little ones. Halloween is a night to be a kid at heart! My beliefs are mixed, keeping some from the past and learning of those I love and believe in now too. I keep what feels good and right to me and let go of the rest.

Many go to parties, but we usually stay home. I love the Halloween shows on television, like The Great Pumpkin and Hocus Pocus, then I steal away to have some alone time. I like to sit outside and feel the wind and talk to the Ancient Elders, Mother Earth, the wind, the moon and listen and watch for those that have passed on into another realm that come to visit us on All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain, Halloween. This night is the best time to reach out and connect to loved ones that have passed on and feel peace. The veil is already thin, but on this night, it’s at its thinnest. I leave an empty place setting and harvest foods at the table as a gift for those who pass through my home and continue on their way.

Since becoming older, I’ve learned much more about this night. I believe this is the end of the old year for the Celts, the New Year,  the last harvest and the beginning of winter; a tradition I believe in. Now, the days become shorter and the nights longer; symbolizing a time of darkness and rest. This is the  time of harvest blessings and letting go of the things that are not prosperous in our lives or that which is not positive. I write out a list and sit outside, speaking to the wind, lighting candles and a fire in our outdoor fireplace. I always ask the wind to leave my candles be, not to blow them out and they never do. I also have a nice heavy cauldron I use to burn my list in at the stroke of midnight. I speak to those I love that are far away, my guides and all my helpers. I’ve done this for many years. I love how things feel the next morning on November first; All Saints Day or the Day of the Dead. The energy feels fresh and clean, and I always say a prayer for those that have passed and saying thank you for yet another good Halloween-Samhain and look forward to Yule and the New Year.

Wishing you a wonderful, fun, safe Halloween-Samhain, filled with magic, mystery and blessings!! Remember to keep the home and hearth fires burning!!









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The energy we are feeling now is much more personal than it used to be. Perhaps it’s because for many of us we’re being confronted with deeper issues since we’ve been on our spiritual path for a longer time. Some are just beginning, but many of us have been doing this for a long time and we laugh at some lessons we’ve mastered, while other energies bring up very old issues to be dealt with. Before, people would gather in groups and discuss spiritual things happening in their lives, now, it seems we have a variety of ways to communicate but people are not sharing experiences like they used to and are not having real conversations. We’re all still feeling energy changes and shifts and some share in groups, but more people are going within to try and understand them rather than discussing them openly. I think we need to do both; share together, helping one another through tougher times, and also go within when we need to be quieter and listen to our higher selves. To receive guidance, we must be in a place to be able to feel, hear and sense it and not always listen to what everyone else is saying.

On social networks, people keep sharing and sharing, but how much of what is being shared is relevant or important to anything that’s going on in the world right now? Some is, of course, but much is just rubbish to try and keep our minds constantly in motion so we’re not able to concentrate or have peace of mind.  I remember a time when we didn’t have cell phones, when someone was going somewhere, they had to wait until they arrived at their destination before calling and letting others know where they were, what they were doing and when they would be home etc. Now it seems, people want others to know, or others want to know where people are almost every minute of the day! That’s a stretch, but what I’m saying is, why do I need to talk to someone on the cell while their shopping, driving, walking, reading, going to the bathroom or coming up the driveway? Why is it necessary to “talk” that much and is anything really being shared? Is it so important for people to have a way to communicate but not really connect? Connecting and communicating on a deeper, spiritual level is more important, but can only be achieved once we stop some of the mindless chatter and chaotic energy that’s all around us!

We all need to rely more on our hearts and not so much our technical mind and technology. There are people out there, right now, that would not know how to survive without technology, and that’s a shame. I choose to have a computer and I limit what I do with my cell phone, I don’t like using microwaves very much anymore and I love having a woodstove in my home for the winter. I believe in the old ways and new age too. I use them both together. I like having a garden and growing some of our food. It’s nice, organic and I know where the food came from and that it’s not harmful. I still write notes, make out lists and keep paper files for some things. Systems can fail, computers can lose data, and I still like reading a good old fashion book now and then. We humans, can lose data too; but it seems we’re relying on other methods to keep our memories and ways of remembering, while some share too much information and wonder why they seem to be losing control.

Since I’ve begun speaking out about communication more recently in the last few months, more of my “old friends” online have been surfacing and reconnecting, and it feels good. Some have told me how they miss the way it used to be and how we connected on a deeper level than we do now, just sharing snippets of our lives. It seems people used to take more time, take things slower and get to know one another. If we, as a society keep going the way we are, one day we may wonder why we feel so distant from one another or feel like people don’t really know us. Yet, there are deeper ways to communicate, spiritually, when we’re ready. Some feel the internet is taking too much of their freedom, but as we become dependent on technology why would it be a shock that nothing seems private any longer. We have choices and we can choose to limit what we share and how we share it. I choose to share positive, good things online and do my best to keep the energy flowing in a good direction. 

As we progress with technology, we need to find a balance and what works best for us, but we also need to be mindful of everything around us. Are technical gadgets taking our attention away from doing things in other ways? Is our society getting lazy and what examples are we setting for our future generations? We may not be able to stop the way things advance in the future, but we are here now and we can remember and teach other ways too, so they are not forgotten. Computers, phones, electrical devices and other wonderful inventions help us every day and they have brought many of us together. Balance is the key for the old ways and new age and learning to have some of both is a good thing.  

Blessings and balance.~


*Opinions and thoughts of the Author are not necessarily the opinion of the reader. Please read with an open mind.*

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Sometimes we feel others are not listening to us. They may give the impression they are, but are they listening or just hearing? To me, listening is when we give our full attention, hear more detail, expression, depth and can even see it in a person’s body language. I like eye contact with the person I’m speaking to if possible, but when someone is not giving me their attention, I sometimes feel offended or put off! Often we hear but don’t listen to the “words” people may or may not be saying, or what they’re truly feeling inside. Does someone have a smile on their face but their words and actions are not showing happiness? What are people trying to convey or speak that we are not listening to deeply with all our senses and not just our ears? Perhaps truly listening is an art these days. With noise coming from so many directions, listening with love is something that can be likened to meditation. It takes practice! We may need to tune out the noise and tune in on what others are trying to say and show us. We need to shut off the television, the radio, the music, put down the cell phone and the computer, or whatever is keeping us  from becoming quiet inside and out, to really listen. Listening to others when they need us is a gift and hopefully we receive the same when we need someone to listen to us. Today there are so many forms of communication. Giving your time, stopping everything, listening and sharing, to me, is the best way of listening with love.


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