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A Season of Love Message~11-11-11~

November 11, 2011

A Season of Love Message for Friday:  Today is Veteran’s Day. I am proud of the recognition people are now giving our Veterans of different wars, our fallen military and active duty. I married a, “lifer” as they call them, who started in the Marines, then went to the Navy as a corpsman, or Doc. He’d already been in fifteen years when we married and went the distance of thirty years! My Dad was in the Navy and my Uncle was in the Air Force. I also have son-in-laws that were Army, so I’m surrounded by patriotism from all corners of the military. I put my American flags out, sometimes leaving them out all year, but for this day, I will take time to thank a Veteran for their service and show my gratitude and appreciation. I hope you will too!

Some people think going into the military is just another job, it’s not. Men and women that join the military give more than just their time. They take a chance in being sent to dangerous places all over the world, being separated from their families, being hurt or killed and they give their all for our country. They secure our freedom. I’m sure there are other jobs that are dangerous, but not too many that make a person so proud to serve their country and give one hundred present! What they give and sometimes what is taken can lasts a lifetime!  I am very proud to be an American!

Being a military wife, I’ve seen secondhand, what it can be like. Not firsthand, because I’ve not been in the military, but I have had many sleepless nights, missing the one I love, wondering if they’re safe, hurt, alive and praying they and all his comrades, come home safe. I want to also thank all the military families for what they’ve given too! It takes strong people to stand beside their military loved one!

Thank you Veterans, for what you’ve given and what you give for our country and for our freedom! Bless you for being who you are and for standing up when called upon! Thank you.

Blessings and peace,~Mysti-Fran

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