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Spiritual Pathways LoveNote~

For your Weekend~  

September 25, 2010  

by Mystiblu/Fran Hafey  

Picture by Erica Belton


The Bee and the Ant  

The bee said to the ant, “lets have some fun, its the weekend and we deserve it!” They found the nearest picnic, ate lots of food and had fun instead of working all the time. They laid around on the grass watching the clouds go by and realized, “there’s a time for everything in life if we choose wisely.”

When we don’t take time for ourselves, we may become workers where everyone is the same, not being unique and creating our own niche in life. We may feel unappreciated and feel like all we do is work and never have any fun. We may feel our dreams are not coming true because we don’t really take time to work on them or step forward in the right direction.  

The moral is: Yes, ants and bees have their jobs. They work hard and for them there is a way they do things and it works for them, because they’re insects. But, we’re humans and we can choose to take time to have fun, do what we enjoy and to just be. (be, not bee, no pun intended)  

Affirmation for the weekend: I will do my best to enjoy life, to take moments to just be and appreciate the moments. I will stop and see what I have around me, be grateful, sit still and create peace within me. The dishes will still be there, the vaccuming, the car needing to be washed or fixing that gutter, but for right now, this moment, I will just sit, close my eyes and feel peace. THEN, I will feel even better when I know there are chores that need to be done because now I can do them with JOY!  

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  

Peace, blessings and just be~



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