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My Super Power-Laughter

By Fran Mysti Hafey

“Laughter is an instant vacation.”~Milton Berle

Every now and then, I may write something here that is a bit deep and dark, because we all have light and dark within us and we must strive to keep the balance.

Many people on the internet and even in my personal life, know me, but they do not really know all of me. What we choose to share with others is our choice. I am an upbeat person, but I also go through darker times when I need space and to figure things out. My super power is laughter! When my body aches, I am tired and life gets very busy, laughing always helps me. I am very blessed to have a quick wit and I not only enjoy laughing, but making others laugh too. I am also very addicted to “the movie or song” game. When I see an actor in something, I have to figure out where or what else I have seen them in! When I hear a song, I will try to figure out who it is singing it! Some people think I am obcessed, but if you look around, a lot of people do that or something similar. LOL. I am also very expressive. I laugh, cry, make faces, use my hands and body to talk and express myself and I can immitate sounds and voices. I also whistle and sing… all the time! I live to my own rhythm, music and beat!

I think “who” I am has come from being very sensitive about everything. I feel things deeply and laughter has been my way to lighten up my life for a long time. I know when to use my super-power and when it is needed most. I am very grateful I have been given this ability and I will always use it for good.

We will always have to keep the balance between light and dark in our lives, so choose to laugh as often as you can and be grateful. Laughter is a gift.~


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Summer Dawn in Virginia by Fran Hafey

Summer Dawn in Virginia by Fran Hafey


“I love the feeling of exhilaration when my soul knows something wonderful is about to happen!”~Fran Hafey-Mysti~

   At times, we may think things are not changing or going right; when we feel as if everything is causing us problems or to go the long way to get anywhere. Issues may look stacked against us, feeling we have nowhere to turn. It feels as if everyone has gone away, we have no help and we’re not sure what to do next. We’re smacked in the face, more than once or twice, but we know we have to pick ourselves up and move forward. It can take a lot out of us and we may feel nothing is ever going to change, when we see a small glimmer of light through the darkness. Something always gives. It may not seem like much, it may not even be what we wanted, or thought we wanted, but something will change. We have an opportunity come to us, it challenges us, and we take a different direction than we’re used to. We try it, we learn, we find something new. When we put our positive energy towards it and believe something good is coming to us, then, it will.

   I have observed so many times people getting in their own way. Even me, *laughing* We are afraid of making mistakes, doing things wrong or hurting more, but we have to try new things or we won’t learn. I love to learn. We all prefer to learn in happier settings and have good things happen for us or to us, but we learn more through the tough times. We learn how strong we are and what we’re really good at. We learn who really loves us and about humanity. We learn what we can live without and what we truly need. We learn what regret is, but we also learn that we don’t need to have regrets because it robs us of our energy and does nothing positive. With time, we can learn to have peace, to let go, to grow and move forward, always learning as we go!

   Keep believing something wonderful is about to happen!

   Love, peace and joy, Fran-Mysti~


“I believe in miracles and magic”~

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The dragonfly I met last year, Blu.~

The dragonfly I met last year, Blu~












I took down my hummingbird feeders to clean them and put them up one last time before the temperatures get cooler; I noticed a hummingbird hanging around as if to remind me. When I hung the last one from the pole on the deck, I sat on the porch swing to see if they would notice and come around. I had just seen one at the back yard feeder, so I figured he would check it out soon.

Quietly, I watched other birds in the woods and listened. The wind was picking up a bit and I could feel a light rain starting. I waited, but no hummingbirds. As I sat, I heard a message coming to me from within. “Often when we’re looking for something it doesn’t just show up, but as soon as we look away, it may manifest.”

Something caught my attention from the corner of my eye, and without turning my head I saw a hummingbird at the newly placed feeder. I smiled, sat back to relax, and just savored the moment. When I let go of looking so hard for them to appear, once I put the thought out to the Universe and just let it flow in the right timing, it happened. Not all of our thoughts will manifest that quickly or sometimes they don’t come at all, because there is often something even better coming to us, perhaps better than we can even imagine in our own mind at the time.

I was happy to see the little hummingbird, enjoying what I was sharing with him. We shared our gratitude for one another and I continued to sit a while and enjoy the moment.

Peace be with you always.

Love and light,



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Letting Go Meditation~ By Fran Hafey-Mystiblu

Today is an incredible day outside where I live! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, birds are singing; Spring is truly here! On days like today, I take a few minutes to do a physical, spiritual and mental meditation or visualization. Here’s what I do.

I go outside on a nice day and find a quiet spot. I stand up, extend my arms out with my palms up, close my eyes and feel and visualize the wind carrying away all the negative energy and anything in my life that’s not working for the highest good. It feels wonderful, and you can do this as long as you like or as many times as you like or need. This is for cleansing, releasing and balancing. It can be done at night too. It doesn’t take a lot of your time, but it sure does help you feel good and lighter. See yourself like a bird or a beautiful kite flying in the wind, letting go of anything holding you down! Beautiful.~

*Thought for today*

I will release and let go of the things, people or situations in my life that attempt to cause stress, conflict or disharmony. I toss away and let go of anything that tries to hold me down and keep me from flying!

Blessings, Fran-Mysti~


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