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A Moment with Mysti~ March 19, 2014~Healing~

Feeling beat up, but happy! I’m happy because finally someone has determined the source of much of my physical pain. Physical therapy can be tough, but I have to keep reminding myself of the positive benefits. I feel bruised and battered, but all for the greater good. I have wanted to write many days, but I knew I needed to rest and when I could, do things at home needing to be done. With so many energy changes occurring in the last few months, my head has been swimming with ideas and inspiration, but I pace myself. Winter, where I live, has been long and harsh and just as I feel my body, mind and spirit making big changes, the weather is about to do the same too. It takes great strength to get around physically and I’m proud I’m nurturing myself and listening from within to put other things to the side and concentrate on my physical well being. I know all things are connected and as I heal I feel more balance; yet another journey on my path.

Shared with love~Fran-Mysti~2014

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