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Sometimes we feel others are not listening to us. They may give the impression they are, but are they listening or just hearing? To me, listening is when we give our full attention, hear more detail, expression, depth and can even see it in a person’s body language. I like eye contact with the person I’m speaking to if possible, but when someone is not giving me their attention, I sometimes feel offended or put off! Often we hear but don’t listen to the “words” people may or may not be saying, or what they’re truly feeling inside. Does someone have a smile on their face but their words and actions are not showing happiness? What are people trying to convey or speak that we are not listening to deeply with all our senses and not just our ears? Perhaps truly listening is an art these days. With noise coming from so many directions, listening with love is something that can be likened to meditation. It takes practice! We may need to tune out the noise and tune in on what others are trying to say and show us. We need to shut off the television, the radio, the music, put down the cell phone and the computer, or whatever is keeping us  from becoming quiet inside and out, to really listen. Listening to others when they need us is a gift and hopefully we receive the same when we need someone to listen to us. Today there are so many forms of communication. Giving your time, stopping everything, listening and sharing, to me, is the best way of listening with love.


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