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United States Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon, July 4th 2012, Martinsburg VA Medical Center, Wv.

Life can change quickly. We may have ideas of how we want things to go, set our intentions, and create pathways to achieve our goals, our happiness and our life successes. Suddenly things take a turn and what we thought may be coming into our lives sooner than later, is put on hold or something else comes to the forefront! This often happens so we can learn different lessons. Even those with the abilities to sense when something is going to happen, can be kept in the dark about some things, or perhaps are too busy to notice the winds of change coming. Sometimes detours are needed when we or others may need to learn something again, and perhaps get it right this time around.

A few months ago, I began to feel a change in the wind, or a shift. I was getting more involved in some new interests in my life, actually moving into a new direction, when I felt strongly, I needed to listen and follow some wise advice, not given by anyone individual, but by many different signs, messages, quotes, and leads I was getting through quite a few different means. I was seeing and reading things on and off the internet that kept getting my attention. Mostly, what I was getting was to, “do what makes me happy!” I noticed how events were occurring in my life to create change and cause me to do things differently, so I began to really pay more attention and just make changes! Making changes isn’t always easy, but when we allow change to occur without a fight or at least just try and see what may happen, if we change our routine or how we normally do things, we’re opening up to learn and change for the better. I wanted to spend more time doing other activities, at home and away from home, but I had to let go and rearrange some things to be able to do that. Instead of thinking about it too much, I just did it or went with it, because I found, spending less time doing what I used to do and doing more of the new things I “wanted” to do, just made sense. I knew it would all work out fine and be ok, instead of me over thinking and over doing or getting upset about the changes, I began to loosen up and let it take care of itself.  Life is meant to be enjoyed and when we’re doing things that no longer work, then it’s time for change.

When I was experiencing these new changes, I did my best to not think about them being difficult. The more I just went with the flow, the better things felt. Thinking positive and believing positive always help.

I wanted to get a post in before July was over, but with all the changes, I’ve been very busy and wasn’t even able to get one on here in June!

For a few months, I was helping with the arrangements for a “Family Reunion.” Here in Virginia, it’s definitely summer, with temperatures in the nineties and for the reunion it was ninety-five with high humidity! Plans for food, keeping cool and getting everyone together from all around the state and a few others, kept me busy and I’m happy to say, everything went great! We all had a lot of fun, good food and pictures galore! The day before, we had a bad storm and we and my elderly parents were without electricity. Luckily ours came back on early the morning of the reunion. Thankfully they were able to be there, but were without electricity for over a week!

During the week of our Family Reunion, our younger daughter Rachael and her family were in town from Plano Texas. It was hot, but we managed to spend some quality time with them, doing some fun things with two more of our Grandchildren, Zane and Ella. We hated to see them go, but we had some good times and plan on seeing them again before the years out.

It seems things have sped up in some ways, but I know I’m the one who makes the choices to keep up or slow down when I need to. We had family in town from all over and we’re doing our best to keep up with all the visiting, catching up and of course, lots of hugs and laughter. The best thing to remember is when things speed up and we find lots of changes occurring, expected or not, we can find ways to cope by being mindful of the choices we have, being firm when we need to but also being flexible when it’s needed too.

I know I’m barely getting this post in before the end of July! On the 4th of July, my family and I were busy at the VA Medical Center in Martinsburg, West Virginia for “Operation BBQ for Our Veterans,” helping to serve food to all the Veterans in the hospital and those attending the festivities. There was music, good food, lots of fun and the whole day turned out fantastic with over 1500 people attending! We enjoyed the company and the “United States Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon,” who performed a very moving patriotic end to the day. I’m very proud of my oldest daughter, Heather and three Grandchildren, Christina, Scott and Zach, for all the work they did, and of course, my husband Ron, who is the President of the DVCH, that hosted the event. You can see more about it at the DVCH website.

August is in just a few days and already my calendar is filling up! I’m working on getting back to my writing, while still enjoying summer and all it has to offer. I love walking outside in the mornings to see how my gardens doing, watching and listening to the summer rain, creating crafts; sewing here and there, planning and beginning an addition onto our house and much more. I find myself sitting in the front porch swing listening to nature and feeling the wind blow, while enjoying knowing I’m doing all right with all the changes in my life. Change can sometimes take us by surprise and push us to limits, even when we know life is all about change. When we learn to breathe and stay positive, it truly helps allow the flow of change.

I pray your summer is prosperous and filled with good changes.

Blessings and peace, Fran-Mysti~

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