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It’s hard to believe it’s the latter part of March and I’ve been slacking on my writing the last couple of months. I’ve hardly known if I’m coming or going, in a good way mostly! When you don’t see me writing here at my blog, you can rest assured that I am writing somewhere else or that I’m taking time for other things that are important in my life too. I’m working on more balance in my life… balancing of my home life, my house, family, work, health, upcoming events, and all the other things I do. I’ve found, when I give myself time, time to do whatever gives me joy, everything else comes into balance. When I get more rest, going to bed earlier or even sleeping a bit later, I feel and have more balance.

With Spring arriving, I noticed all kinds of articles, titled with topics I’ve written about for years and could probably write again, but I decided not to repeat them because of seeing so many already circulating. Most are about Spring Cleaning, releasing clutter inward and around us, Spring energy, Spring and blossoming, and so on. I decided to continue an article I had already started and discuss balance. Where I live, we have four seasons and with so much happening around us and within us, balance is something many have to strive for and work at. I love Spring, watching nature come awake and enjoying the warmer weather. It’s definitely a good time for us to watch our balance because we’re adding more and more to our, “to do” list and keep things as simple as possible! (Keeping things simple is another blog topic, coming soon!) 

I think life is so interesting, because for me, I never know what to expect and I feel each day is new and full of opportunities and miracles! Ok, sometimes I sense some things coming into my life before hand, perhaps in dreams or intuitive feelings I have. We have choices and with each new day, we make them and we also need to be responsible for those choices. No one is “forcing” you make the choices you make and you cannot push the blame on someone else. We can get a lot done or we can do nothing. We can trust and believe that with each step we take every day, we’re heading forward and closer to our dreams and desires. We can create with negative or positive energy; again, it’s our choice. The key is, “doing something,” not just sitting, hoping things will change. Be assured, things will change, but maybe not the way you desire.

I’ve found, when I take time to meditate and have quiet time, I am able to stay more focused and balanced and with that, staying in line with positive thoughts, intentions and actions, everything comes to me easier and with less effort. I love when this happens and I can feel the difference when I am not inline or balanced. We all have times when things are not as clear for us as other times, so don’t fret, be patient and continue to be positive!

Last week I had the opportunity to have three days of quiet time, while my husband was out of town. I wasn’t sure if I was looking forward to it or not, but the fact that it would be quieter definitely won out! I was able to wash the dishes by hand and look out the window, with the sun shining brightly and admire nature and hearing the birds. I had the television on for maybe two hours the whole weekend, so it was quiet and I was able to feel that wonderful balance and secure feeling within myself. I know I am never alone and its rarely as quiet as I like, for several reasons, because I’m married, have a family, have six dogs and many birds, but also, my angels and guides are always with me and SpiritGod. 

I sometimes reach a place of resenting noise and not being able to control more of it. When we live with others, we have to learn to pay attention to their likes and dislikes, but to also be respectful of others and their space too. I have also learned to tune into my heart and soul and go within, tuning out a lot of the noise and distractions. 

My husband and I are getting ready to finally remodel our house, adding on a whole new section with a new bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, mudroom and closets! We’re expanding and changing the older part of the house too, so it’s going to be really nice. The way our home is now, and has been for many years, has been difficult to apply Feng Shui and fine balance. The house started off as a cabin with no closets and had more rooms added on, so there are many doors and dark corners where energy gets stuck and I’ve had to work at it to have positive energy flow here. I have mirrors, wind chimes, crystals, lights and plants in all the right places and have been focusing on cutting down on clutter to allow the energy to flow easier. With less clutter, it really does help. I’ve found in life, there is always something lurking around corners or nearby, to try and tip us off our balance. When we’ve been practicing being mindful of our lives, our thoughts, our energy; what and how we speak, and our actions, it truly makes a difference in our energy and the energy around us. Once again, we have a responsibility to ourselves, our loved ones, all living things and the world, to be a positive light and positive energy, only creating for the highest good.

So, dear ones, yes, like many of you, I have a lot on my plate and with warmer weather here, I like being outside quite a bit and have lots of Spring cleaning to do! With the remodeling of our home, I know that will that take me away from my writing now and then, but when I am given something to share, you can rest assure, I will share it. *smile* I’m considering having another blog to show the before, during and after of our home and perhaps write about how the energy is changing around us and how we’re feeling with the changes we’ve been waiting for, for such a long time. New beginnings and good changes! (Another topic for yet another blog) When I start that blog, I will share the link here too.

With this post, I wish you all well and pray every day will be a new opportunity to make a difference in your life and the world! We all matter and we can all make a difference!

Abundant Blessings, Fran-Mysti~

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