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A Season of Love Message~2-2-2012~Healing Fears

February 2, 2012

A Season of Love Message for Thursday:  Today is a great day to choose to heal from fear! Do you have things you want to do but fear is standing in your way? Many people do. We may fear big crowds for different reasons, may be afraid of taking tests or riding Ferris wheels. We may deal with anxiety and stress, thinking and dealing with everyday life or the unexpected. Do you cringe when you think about family reunions, driving, having to meet new people or speak in front of a crowd? You are not alone, there are others that have fears too and it can take time to work through them, letting them go and being free of them. Fears need healing, just like many things we experience and go through. Do not allow others to try and convince you that it’s “nothing,” or that you just need to face it. It’s not really always that simple and no one can understand what we’re going through unless they are us! Nicely tell people, when they try to tell you to get over it or stop being afraid, that you appreciate their concern, but you also appreciate them not trying to belittle your fears and the choices you’re making to work on them. Yes, make a commitment to change, to heal and to find clarity about your fears, but also know your own heart, go within and know you can heal when the time is right. 

Blessings, peace & love, Fran~Mysti~ 


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