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September 28, 2011

Spiritual Pathways for Wednesday:  Everyday, it’s my responsibility to communicate to others. We cannot go through life complaining if we don’t make ourselves clear. We need to communicate our needs and our wants in a clear way for others to understand us.  If there is a situation you’re dealing with and it involves another, unless you speak to them, letting them know what’s on your mind, they may not understand or be able to act upon it, but sharing how we feel can help the situation and open up communication. 

Our body language does help, but often people can misinterpret our feelings. You may be hurt, but it seems like anger, so the other person may avoid a discussion or dealing with the situation because they don’t want a confrontation. We also need to be good listeners, because often communication is misinterpreted because one person is not getting their point across and the other person is not really listening. Communication can be a funny thing sometimes, especially on the phone or internet, which we all know is the thing of today. We need to learn to choose our words carefully and remember not everything is on the same wavelength we are when it comes to what we think or how we feel. Take time today, to communicate with others and remember it always helps to be kind.


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