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It’s another Monday morning and last night I could not sleep. I took a nap, but that usually doesn’t bother me when its bedtime because I stay up late anyway.

I like writing in the wee morning hours when its quieter and the phones not ringing to interrupt me.

So, here I am. I watched the sun come up, cleaned the kitchen, had some earl grey and a bagel, when something popped into my head. This “something” had been popping all day, coming up even before I shared a quote I found I really liked that entered the pores of my being and not just my mind. The quote was…

“People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.”~H. Jackson Browne.

The more I read it and shared it, the more I liked it. I knew it was a quote to be reckoned with when here I was up at the “dawn of the dead hour” for me at least, because I’m normally in bed around 2 a.m. or a little after. But to be up cleaning the kitchen at 7 a.m. was just unheard of! Sometimes I’m a morning person and well, sometimes I’m just not. That is the reality of it! This very thing is what prompted me to write.

My husband had gone to bed, but was having a difficult time sleeping too. He got up, had a snack and went back to bed. Hours later, he came to the door asking,

“Are you ever going to come to bed?” I told him, “I’m not sure, but hopefully.”

With that, I immediately thought, “Why do I have to come to bed? Just because for some insane reason my energy is high and I’m up cleaning and most likely will take a nap later today… what real difference does it really make?? Is there some “rule” that says I have to do the same thing everyday or every night and be asleep at a certain time? If I feel like cleaning, lordy, LET ME CLEAN for goodness sake! Some one has to do it!

I had just finished hours earlier, writing an article about how, “Cleaning Can be Magical!” I do love the feeling of being clean, having a clean house, less clutter and having things in order where I know where they are and so on. I’m finding as I get older, I like it even more than I used to. My mate is a bit fanatical about the kitchen, not in a clean way, but in having so much stuff you can barely work around it all. I like things simple. I’m a bit old fashion, so I don’t need fifteen kitchen machines that all do something different. We have a machine that chops and dices, cuts and does all kinds of stuff. For me, I have my hands and a knife. Sometimes doing things the old way is more rewarding, but one day I may just learn to use that other thing, the food processor, that’s what it is. (smile) I like to make mashed potatoes by hand and mix cakes by hand with a wooden spoon. I have a mixer I’ve had for years and well, it does a lot of cool stuff.

I don’t have to have fifty different herbs and spices, I tend to use salt and pepper the most, but enjoy basil, oregano, thyme, dill, lemon verbena, and parsley from time to time, but I grow those in pots and enjoy cutting them fresh when I need them. If I need something, I will go to the store and get it or have someone pick it up for me. I think its amazing to have a well stocked kitchen, but its also nice to have fresh.

In case your wondering if I’m getting off track, I’m not. I’m still on the topic of being on a different road than someone else, but not being lost, or in that vaccinity. I may like things one way and another person may like them a different way. That’s ok, quite all right. It’s good to be different and to break out and change. Change isn’t always comfortable and at times we may even try to ignore the signs of change. Lately I’ve been noticing by watching, listening, reading, the news and word of mouth, that we as humans seem to be going back in time, not really forward. We’re being warned not to use microwaves anymore and to walk more, for our health and to save gasoline. More and more people are learning the old ways, making their own breads, raising their own foods and being cautious about the hazards of the foods we buy these days and causing many to find other ways. I feel we will always have technology, but if you’ve watched any movies lately about how humanity in time destroys our own world, causing life to seek water, food, shelter and civilization, you’ll see we literally go backwards… back to the old ways again, even though we’re really in the future. All life is brought down to a level of survival.

For me, I’m finding my life doesn’t have to be so cut and dry. I don’t have to go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time everyday. I can eat healthier and do things that help me and others. I have choices. If I feel like staying up and cleaning, then what’s wrong with that? Too many people are becoming overly sensitive to what others think about them and what others think we “should” be doing with our lives. Like the quote I shared above, people take different roads and just because they’re not on your road, doesn’t mean they’re lost! I am taking a different road. One that I am mindful and conscious of my choices. I am seeking happiness and fulfillment my own way and on my own roads. It may not be the same as others, but that’s the best part! We all have different paths and roads to take and when we meet someone a long the way on our journey, that’s even better! We can share, have a laugh or two and we may find we’re headed the same direction until we come to a fork or cross roads, then, well, we may part or we may just walk a while together because all roads lead home. It’s all good!


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July came in with a bang, no pun intended. Time has flown by, for me, as usual, I’ve been so busy finishing my first book, I got swept away with the details. It’s been surreal, that the book is now finished and I’m entering the marketing phase, waiting for my first shipment of books, explaining to family and friends how it all works while taking everything in stride as I move into a new place and space of my life, as Author and book market-er. 

While finalizing my book manuscript, approving the cover, front and back, putting on the finishing touches, I had to stop and make a dentist appointment because a piece of an old filling broke off. At the dentist, he was giving me Novocaine  and the needle hit the main nerve in my right cheek! It felt like a bolt of lightening hit my tongue and I immediately jumped in the chair. It hurt and it shocked me. I asked, “what was that?” The dentist said, “Oh I must have nicked the nerve, sorry.” (hmmmm, with a raised eyebrow) My tongue got numb instantly. We got finished and I went home.

For a month, I dealt with pain in my right cheek, ear, temple, mouth and neck. I took Aleve/Naproxen, and did the best I could. I didn’t want to have to go back to the dentist, but I finally did and he finished what he started and again, I came home. After a week, I was in so much pain I could hardly stand it. I called and they said I needed a root canal, but I felt it was something else.

The pain got worse so I called my family doctor and told them what was happening. They said to be there in an hour. My doctor checked to make sure it wasn’t an ear or sinus infection, checked my glands and asked lots of questions. I told her I’d had a fever, pain, and it had reached a point I couldn’t stand it any longer. She gave me something a little stronger for pain and an antibiotic. I left feeling relieved to have something to help, even though I don’t like antibiotics and rarely take them.

I decided to ask my son who and where his dentist was, since he’d just had his wisdom teeth pulled. On my way to get my meds we drove right past his office. I went to see him and after filling out paperwork, I was in his dentist chair in ten minutes. They took an x-ray and told me I did not need a root canal and proceeded to ask me more questions and do a few tests. He tapped on the teeth in the painful area and I didn’t react in pain. He looked at my face and asked me if I had done anything lately that would have bruised my face, I told him no. He said the right side of my face was swollen, looked bruised and was very hot to the touch. He then took his finger and went into my mouth and gently pushed up into the area where my jaw opens and closes. That got my attention and raised me out of the chair a bit. He said I had several things going on. The main nerve in my cheek was infected, I was dealing with TMJ, a condition where people grind their teeth and cause muscle pain in their jaw, which I do it while I sleep. He said a few other things, big words about Neuralgia (nerve pain) that may go away or it may not. He said the medications were what he would have prescribed and told me to go home, take them and go to bed for several days. I did just that! I only woke to take my meds, get a drink of water and go to the bathroom, then back again! The pain got worse, so I called the Dentist and he prescribed a muscle relaxer. That helped tremendously! After four to five days, the swelling began to go down, the pain lessened and I was healing.

I forgot to mention because I was taking over the counter pain relievers, my feet, ankles and legs swelled horribly with fluid. That was also uncomfortable, but after getting out of bed, the swelling had gone down and I’d lost twelve pounds! I was happy I lost it (but what a way to do it) and I’m determined not to put it back on! (smile)

We all have things like this happen, well let me state, we all have things we have to take care of, things we don’t really want to do, the mundane, everyday stuff and, mundane to one, may not be to another. We have things we may not enjoy, like going to the dentist or dealing with pain due to someone else’s “slip.” I realized that through it all, I kept working on my book and I would check and recheck everything. When the pain went away it was wonderful, even though I still have a few issues with the nerve in my right “face cheek” but I believe it will heal completely. 

I decided to go to the new dentist for a while, because I’d been wondering if I should find a new one, so this incident confirmed it for me. Sometimes we need to let go of things or people in our lives, but I feel we should never rush the process. We may need to do it in steps, allowing ourselves to create change at a pace that feels right for us. Other times, situations change for us, causing us to take the next step. The Universe always knows what we need and now and then, what we think and speak, manifests quickly. 

This is the time for us to let go of what’s not working in our lives and “make time” by prioritizing, putting things in order, doing what’s most important to us and not letting all the other stuff get in our way! Some days I have so much on my plate I forget to slow down and look a bit closer at what I’m doing. I don’t like missing a pretty day outside by doing chores inside that could wait until a rainy day.  I prefer to work on the computer at night when there’s not so much else going on, but some days I just have things to do and I’ll sit down, get psyched to write or delete tons of email and the phone starts ringing, the dogs bark at every little thing, there are appointments, dinner to make… life moves on.

I didn’t think or speak that I would go through what I did with the dentist and my infected nerve, but I did learn from it and I took matters into my own hands and handled it. I made the choice to go see my doctor and take care of the situation. I continued working through the pain so I could get my book finally finished and into the hands and hearts of others. I’m so happy its finished and I can move into the next phase of my life! I feel blessed and when you read the book, you’ll see in the “introduction” what I’ve survived to get here!!

Blessings & peace,


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