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I can hardly believe its April! April showers are in full force and I’m believing they help things to “flow” easily and cleanse Mother Earth. The woodlands are getting greener each day even though there’s still a chill in the air. Life is busy, time flies and I haven’t been here to write anything for a little while. My “need to do” list has been pretty long, but I’m glad to be here now. 

When I created this blog, I hoped to casually come here and post things of interest and share some of my writings, but I don’t know if I’m the type to share what I did today, what I had for dinner or personal stuff like that on a daily basis. I enjoy Facebook and Twitter because I can write or share short blurbs and quotes, some of my own thoughts and be myself.

The New Year started off with good energy, positive intentions and a feeling of peace that big things were on the horizon. My New Year’s thoughts were on simplifying my life, in all areas, and focusing more on me and my dreams. I wanted to simplify material things, my home, my online ventures and my whole life! My health is very important, especially since I’ve been dealing with poor health for a long time. For about five or six years, my attention was directed to my health, dealing with tests, medicines, hospitalizations, several doctors, physical therapy and constant pain. This almost consumed my life but I was determined not to let it. I did my best to continue online with my Spiritual Groups at Yahoo and keep afloat. I didn’t tell everyone because I didn’t feel they needed to know. I told my closet friends and those that worked with me on the groups. I stopped doing Readings and Spiritual Consults and just maintained all the things I had created online, and did my best.

I’m finally beginning to see the light of day with my health. I’m taking it one day at a time, but I’m able to concentrate more and be gentle with myself. I do believe when I was very ill, it was all for a reason. I learned so much from it all. I had to depend on other people to help me, learn to ask for help, sit and listen from within for the lessons and love myself no matter what!

As a Writer, my dream has been to have some of my writings and books published. I’ve always loved to write, since I was a child, but once I got onto the internet and began writing and sharing what I wrote, it began to heal my soul and help me in more ways than I ever could have imagined. Many of the things I write come from a higher place, from SpiritGod, visualiations and dreams. I knew I was to publish my books soon and that’s when I became ill. I went through a huge imbalance in my life and had to take time out to learn more before moving forward into the publishing world. I had done so much research and asked questions, but I wasn’t ready yet. It just wasn’t time.

Now, I’m ready! I’ve signed with a Publisher, as of March 1 and my first book will be in print by summer time, this year! That’s one reason I’ve not been blogging as much. I hope to share each week at least, what I’m doing, how it’s going and my feelings about the whole process, as I complete my book and it’s available for others to read! For now, I’m editing and working with the Publishers on pictures for my book cover and inside templates. There’s so much to all of this,  at least  for me, because I do still have my health to deal with, but I’m blessed it’s getting better and I’m positive everything will be done in good time, in Divine time!

Thank you for reading my blog and for being in my life. I appreciate everyone that’s continue to believe in me, my writing abilities and my book! So many have been a source of inspiration and lovingly have never given up on me, pushing me a long to get the book finally published. I am grateful. Thank you.

Peace, light, joy and love,

    Fran Hafey~Mysti


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