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The Christmas Orange
by Fran Hafey/Mysti
In the country, on a hill in Virginia, there was a family of seven.
It was a small farmette amongst the trees with plenty to do. Many times for the holidays, gifts were hard to come by. The mother was a wonderful seamstress and she made beautiful dolls and clothes for the children. There were only a few gifts for each child, but the parents did their best. Not one child ever opened those gifts and asked, “is that all?” They understood about love and giving, and were always pleased.

Please go to http://mystickblue.com/TheChristmasOrange.html to read all of this story and see the beautiful graphics and hear the music to go with it. Thank you. This story is in my new book, “A Season of Love.” I hope you will click on the link to find out how to get your copy in hardback, paperback or ebook file for your e-Reader. Link to download a free eReader on webpage!!

Happy Holidays and blessings for the New Year~

Love and peace always, Mystiblu/Fran


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The Little Tree





Once upon a time there was a little tree on a hillside. There were other trees not very far away, just along the forests edge. The little tree grew straight and each year the farmer would trim its branches back along with all the other trees, and tell them how beautiful they were.

Please click on the link and read more of, “The Little Tree,” a Holiday story about love. Thank you.


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