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I love to write and I receive inspiration from many different sources and from SpiritGod. Sometimes it flows and other times it seems as though I begin, then it just doesn’t come together. I may be vacuuming, doing laundry, spending time with my family, outside taking a walk and a thought will pop into my head and I may hear something like, “You need to share this, its important, share it now.” I usually get up that very moment and go to the computer and begin typing and this is when it really flows, as if I’m not the one writing, but spirit is. If I can’t get to the computer right away, I’ll grab pen and paper and take notes and write as much as I can.
Two years ago I fell when walking a garden path, hit my head and the back of my neck and had a nasty concussion and back fracture. I found it difficult to put thoughts together and remember words. The thoughts would be in my head sometimes, but when I began to speak, there were blanks here and there, like some of the words just disappeared. That’s what happens in our brain when things aren’t connecting completely. There may be something damaged causing the messages not to make a complete loop from our brain to our speech resulting in an incomplete thought or sentence.
The same thing happens with our spirit and our soul. We may receive messages from all sorts of sources and they’re right in front of us, but we miss them sometimes or they just don’t make a complete loop from our senses to our spirit, then to our soul. We feel things are a bit blurry, we may struggle to find the answers we seek and like with the brain and our thoughts and speech, its right there, but we’re just not able to find it and complete it. The brain needs to heal, just as our spirit and soul needs to heal also.
We can ask for help, but I found during my time of healing, that sometimes we’re supposed to do things on our own. We’re never a lone, but we do need to learn our lessons the best way we can, so we don’t have to keep repeating them.  I found that from years of being ill and having to slow down, there were reasons behind it, some I didn’t understand, but I was forced to sit more, go within, rely on others to help me and to move out of my own way and to just breathe!
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