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One day in June, I got up feeling pretty good, but my mind was going way too fast, as if my thoughts were scattered like a puzzle and I needed help to put them together. I meditated and sat quietly, as I looked out the window and asked for a sign, something to help me to hold on, that would make me smile and feel better. 

I was sitting at the kitchen table, looking out the window without my glasses on. I thought I saw a hummingbird at one of the feeders on the front deck. I grabbed my glasses to see it better, but it was moving so fast I finally decided to go outside and see, while also watering my plants. When I got outside, I was shocked it wasn’t a hummingbird, it was the biggest, bluest Dragonfly I’d ever seen in my life! I was so happy to see him! I watched as he circled around and landed right beside me on a bamboo stick.

I spoke to him and told him he was so beautiful and blue! He just sat, calmly and looked at me! I reached out and was in awe that he actually let me pet him on his wings! I named him, “Blu.” 

I was so excited and happy I began to cry! I asked him to stay and I ran in the house to get my camera. I got several good pictures of him and found he was a bit of a camera ham. I’ve always had a strong connection with Dragonflies and we used to have many of them here some years ago, but hadn’t seen any for a long while. I was dancing and crying tears of joy because to me, it was very clear that he was there to give me a message of hope, to keep believing in the magic all around me and within me and that many things in life can be illusions! 

I’ve always known Dragonflies are very magical and herald big change in ones life, and also about spiritual change. I remember them coming to me in another time in my life when I needed them to help me with truth and believing in what we can’t always see, but feel. 

I went outside later to the patio in the back of the house and he was there too, dancing around me, creating so much joy! 

He’s still here and has some friends too, more dragonflies and also some damselflies, which are similar but the wings are different! I truly believe he was my sign that I asked for and needed so much.  

I feel very blessed that he and my hummingbirds are here. They bring me so much joy, happiness and magic! They remind me of simple beauty, taking time to pay attention and to lighten up and fly now and then!

 Peace, love and joy, 


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