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Happy Mother’s Day~
My Mother Gave Me the Moon by Patrick Regan and Kelly Beck  




 Mysti’s wishes for you today…

To all Mother’s everywhere

Who have felt Motherhood in all ways

As a Mother, a Father, a sister, a brother,

Aunt, Uncle, Grandparent, friend…

We all need nurturing at one time or another

And all have been a nurturing Motherly type to someone

Somewhere in our life time perhaps

We may not all have carried a child within us

Or given birth to all the ones we love

But that’s not all it takes to be a Mother

Or to feel a Mothers love, or the love or nurturing of

Mothers love and the heart and grace of a Mother.

This book, “My Mother Gave Me the Moon,” was given to me by my oldest daughter, Heather, a few years ago. I feel the book had meaning for her and both my girls are Mothers themselves now. She and her sister had tough childhoods because of a divorce between their Father and me. We were very young and he wasn’t a very kind person, so he fought and took my daughters away from me for eleven years. I thought my heart would break over and over each time I looked into their eyes and they begged me not to send them back to him, but each time, I assured them of my love for them. I told them, “I may not have a lot of money to buy you fancy things, but always know, that I love you!” I told them this all those years, “I love you and you can do and be anything you want to be!”

When they came back to live with me, the truth came out into the open about all those years and much healing needed to be done. Even in the courtroom when the Judge asked my daughters what they wanted, they spoke up and told their stories, and when he asked their Father, he only had harshness and hate in his voice. When the Judge asked me how I felt, I quietly said, “I love them I always have and always will, I want what’s best for them and I want them to love their Father.” That was the day things changed because I didn’t return hate for hate, but love, even when my ex-husband still tried to control with anger. The Judge saw the peace I had and that I had nothing cruel to say. That’s when the healing truly began… for my family.

When my oldest daughter later gave me this book, it made me cry, but made my heart sing too because it  assured me, after all we’d been through that my love for them had been strong enough to help them in tough times when we were apart and to keep our hearts as one until we were together again. Her gift to me told me “maybe I had done a pretty good job of Mothering after all.” SpiritGod and faith had helped me through. My own Mother is 83 as of this Mother’s day and she is precious to me. She and I went through a lot together, me as a young Mother, she, as a strong woman of faith. With five children, hard working, she taught me many valuable things that I carry still today. I’ve taken the time to say thank you and tell her I love her and show my gratitude. I have a good relationship with my Mom and my daughters have a good relationship with me and my Mother.

Because of copyright, I cannot share the whole book here, but I can share a bit of it, that touches me the most.

My Mother Gave Me the Moon~

My Mother Gave me the Moon

My Mother gave me the universe and all its little miracles.

My Mother gave me warmth, and all the while, my mother gave me room

To grow and the freedom to discover the world for myself.

My mother gave me childhood, pure and joyful.

My mother gave me friendship.

My mother gave me faith.

She instilled in me a sense of wonder and the wisdom to be gentle with

All living things.

My mother gave me dreams and the courage to believe in them.

And she still does.

Long before anyone else did…My mother showed me what love really is.


http://books.google.com/books?id=jqPLjes4opAC&printsec=frontcover&dq=my+mother+gave+me+the+moon&psp=1#PPP1,M1 http://beckykelly.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2

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