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Every Day Should Be Earth Day
by Fran Hafey/Mystiblu

Here in Virginia, USA, April 22 is recognized as Earth Day. That date has always had a special significance for me also for a few reasons. One… I love the earth and I love helping her and all living things. I do my best to keep her clean, healthy and beautiful and teach others how they can do the same. Also, the 23rd is my only son’s Birthday. We’ve always enjoyed celebrating both Earth day and his Birthday the same weekend since he was small. We started when he was very young, teaching him how to respect the earth and treat her right, by organic gardening, teaching him not to litter, showing him how to pick up trash, even if he didn’t throw it out, recycling and planting trees, taking used car oil to the proper places to be dumped, conserving water and also conserving all kinds of energy and not being wasteful. Those are just a few of the things we helped him and his sisters learn and that we do as a family. We learned a lot together and we’ve always been a family that learned how to respect the earth and other living things. Now we teach our Grandchildren and my children are helping to teach them too!

I would like for everyone to envision in their minds and/or write on a piece of paper and speak it out loud everyday, a few times a day … making it our mantra and affirmation,  that we will all work together in creating harmony and peace throughout the world. We need to believe that gas prices have come down so people can afford to live and that food prices have come down so people can afford to eat. I’m asking that you do something everyday to help everyone. Do your best to see these things as already done!! Being positive makes a huge difference!!

We all need to think about Mother Earth, our families, our neighbors all over the world, our children, Grandchildren and those to come and their future and the future of the world. When we have to pay these outrageous prices for gas, we all know it takes money from somewhere else, like food out of the mouths of the children and money for bills, mortgages, rent, car payments, medications and necessities. Some people seem to be getting more and more wasteful these days and this needs to change. People need to become much more conscious of what’s happening and how it can be changed. Continuing to use gas and oil just makes the oil misers and tycoons richer and greedier and that’s not giving them the message we need to be sending them. We need to be telling them “We’re not going to do this anymore, we’ve found a better way!!” Not believing everything we see and hear also helps tremendously!

Here are some things WE can all do to help conserve our natural resources and help the Earth and all living things upon her:

1) Walk… don’t drive as much.
2) Ride a bike or go green! Look into the hybrid cars and cars that use less gas!
3) Carpool. Double and triple up when driving to work or to do errands.
4) Try and plan your outings and errands so that you can do more than just one or two.
5) Keep your automobiles tuned up and running smooth so they don’t use as much oil or gas.
6) Don’t just assume everyone else is going to cut back… if we all cut back, we’ll all see a difference!
7) Drive slower and you’ll not only see a difference in your gas gauge but also in the amount of dead animals on the roads.
8) Plan ahead. When we’re prepared, we don’t make as many mistakes. When we know correct directions we conserve on gas by not driving around looking for the right street or address. When picking people up, tell them to be ready so you don’t have to wait and leave the car running. Knowing ahead of time what to expect, if possible, can help in these types of situations.
9) Stay home! Wow, there’s a novel idea. Stay home instead of going out. Spend time at home with the family or choose one weekend a month not to go out, but to stay home and conserve on gas and oil and maybe even dedicate that weekend to doing something really cool like separate your recyclables or pick up trash, give away those clothes you’ve been meaning to get rid of or fix your bike, plant a tree, have a yard sale, or plan an activity that doesn’t call for using anything that causes pollution, but uses our own energy and human power! How about finding out where there’s a local group teaching about Solar, Hydro and Wind Re-useable and Sustainable Energy so we don’t have to keep digging up our Natural Parks and beautiful forests and land.
First we can learn in our own homes, then we can share it with the world!
10) Grow your own food! Organic gardening’s great and it’s not hard! Even in pots for small spaces! (See my article here) http://Mystickblue.homestead.com/EveryDayShouldBeEarthDay.html

11) Check out
http://www.Freecycle.org today!
12) Go Green, go Solar, wind, and water/hydro energy! It’s renewable and can save with Global warming and energy!
13) Use appliances and bulbs that use less energy!
14) You’ve heard recycle, reduce, reuse and renewable, the four R’s!
15) Find out the facts! Find out where your produce and foods are coming from. Find out information about how you can help your community plant trees, grow plants that help clean the air, teach the generations to come how they can help our home our planet to be a safer, cleaner place to live! Help each other and show love and compassion for all living beings and things!! Pass it on!!

Of course, we all have things to do and places to go and we will need to use our cars to get there. I’m just asking that people become more aware of what they’re doing and what they’re using and how much and when. It’s so important for us to be educated and for the politicians to also know that we have knowledge and a brain and a voice too! The earth is our home and that means for everyone, not just for a select few. We’re all human beings, but everyone knows the truth is, we’re not all on the same level and we’re not all treated the same, but we do all breathe and need to  eat, and we need to sleep and we need this earth to do this on, and if we don’t all wake up and begin to work together and not apart, to begin using other natural resources that don’t cause pollution, illness and death, then there will be no reason to be here any longer.

So, yes… everyday should be earth day because the earth depends on us, just as much as we depend on the earth. The earth cannot be taken for granted and she’s beginning to show us in many ways… that she will not be! Wake up my friend and begin to speak your heart and even if you begin small by just saying NO to just one thing, in the beginning… then perhaps others will say no too and then our message will be heard that we are what we say we are! We are people on this earth that believe in what’s right and what’s just and when we stand together, what then can we not do?!

Today, tomorrow and every day, begin by sending love, light and peace to one another and to our earth. Let’s create harmony on our earth and let’s begin by taking care of her and taking care of ourselves and you’ll then see how it will spread everywhere. Ohhh, it may take some time and you may not believe it at first, but even the small miracles are blessings. Each butterfly, each sunrise and snowflake, each newborn cry and old mans smile is a miracle in itself and we must count our blessings and continue to believe.

Everyday is Earth day. Do you believe?~

I send you love, laughter, peace, joy & harmony,


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Spiritual Pathways LoveNote~
March, 2010
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“Sometimes what’s good for us may come in unexpected ways,
not always in the shape or form we were hoping for, but it comes
right when we need it and opens a door to countless opportunities”
                                                Mystiblu~Fran Hafey
What’s Good For Us~
Fran Hafey/Mystiblu
I remember as a child hearing adults say “eat it, its good
for you,” or “take it, it’ll make you feel better.” Even though
at the time I didn’t probably think so, usually they were
right. It may not have tasted good, but it was good for me
in a bigger way, a way I couldn’t really understand or see
at the time.
In life, we often times have things that are good for us and
we don’t always see it or realize it. Things may happen in
ways we don’t see as a blessing or as good and our nature
is to fight it or let it affect us in a not so positive way because
we just don’t understand it.
Why do you think it is, that we humans don’t always see
what’s right in front of us and also see something that’s good
for us? We may have to get used to it or adjust, because its
different. If some things good for us, wouldn’t it make sense
that it should feel good or better? Often, it can take time to
get used to changes and make adjustments, even when its
good for us. I know taking vitamins and herbal supplements
are good for me and are to help me, but, good or not, it still
takes time to get used to taking them everyday or when we’re
supposed to. Its in this routine that they get into our bodies,
our systems, and then can really begin to help and make a
When something happens in your life, try and step back and
see the bigger picture. Again, its normal to be curious or
wonder why, but so often, by letting go and not over thinking
or trying to figure things out, we can find the true,
encompassing understanding just by allowing peace and
fluidity of our heart and soul to be more in control than
our mind and nature. When something hurts or doesn’t feel
right, we normally look for answers, whether it be emotional,
physical or spiritual. Mind, body, spirit. The answers will come,
but not always in the way we may think they will or just when
we want them. With time and experience, we find ways of
accepting things that happen with a more positive manner,
finding peace within, letting go of what we don’t need and
moving forward to allow love to show us the lesson involved.
If forgiveness is needed, then love will show us a way and  
all things will in time, fall into place.
Just remember, we may not see all the pieces of the puzzle
right in front of us all at the same time, but when searching 
and traveling on the spiritual path, light will show us the way 
and what direction to go next, even when we thought for a
moment we were lost and didn’t understand, love, light, 
compassion and kindness will always show us a way.
Today I can find my way through anything, when I look
towards the light and be the light. My life path will show  
me the way when I ask for help and trust myself and my
Higher Power.
Blessings and grace dear friends, today and everyday~,
©Copyright: Fran Hafey-Mystickblue Network © 2010 All rights reserved.
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