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Spiritual Pathways LoveNote~
December 15, 2009


“Do you have the Holiday Spirit? Whatever we call it, its about
love and giving, not a name, its about what’s in our hearts.~”
~Mystiblu~ 2009

Holiday Spirit Within Us~
By Fran Hafey/Mystiblu

One day, I was listening to some people talking about how they
thought it was horrible how people still tell children about Santa
and his magical journey one night a year. They felt it was wrong
to continue to tell the story and keep children believing.

I believe in Santa Claus and the story of what he began many years
ago, the spirit of giving from the heart. He was a real man with a
real life and no he didn’t fly through the sky with a sack full of toys,
but he was a good man that gave from his heart and with time,
became a Saint and his story has lived on.

I can remember my Mother telling me the story of Santa and me
telling my children the same story, but we also told other stories
about love and giving and what the true meaning of the holidays
means to us. We feel it’s about family, being together, the birth
of a child in a manger, giving and so much more. No matter what
traditions we have or what story we’re told, where we live or
what our beliefs or religion, the main point is about love, peace,
joy, giving and not about how much we can get, complaining
about family and gifts we didn’t get, cars, diamonds and lofty

To me, as a child I heard the story of Jesus, born in a manger and
as an adult I also believe in burning a Yule log, having a tree with
beautiful decorations on it in the house, lighting candles, giving
blessings, making cookies and baking, making home made gifts
and decorations, but giving from the heart and not because of its
price tag. I believe in everyone giving tidings whatever way they
choose may it be “Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy
Hannukah, Happy Kwanza and then Happy New Year and
Wishing many blessings for the coming year!” For me, its about
having the “Spirit” of all these things and sharing it with others
in the way that feels right and best to all.

It’s all magical and wonderful to me and I’ve never forgotten my
true meaning of giving, loving, blessing and feeling happiness
and joy in my hearts!

Affirmation: Today I will remember to have the “Spirit of love,
giving, joy, peace, light and blessings,” everyday of the year and
happily share it with others, always.~

~Wishing all, a Wonderful Holiday filled with every good thing
and a fantastic New Year!~ From my family to yours~

Peace, light, love, joy and blessings,~

*Note-Spirit/God/Source/Creator is what Mysti uses in her writings. Please
replace with your own Higher Power or whatever feels good to you.
Thank you~

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