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September 4, 2009

“Being a dog isn’t all easy, but as they sleep and dream I
always wonder what visions dance in their heads.”
What We Learn From Dogs and Being Responsible Humans~
By Fran Hafey/Mystiblu
Are you a dog lover? I am. I love dogs and the way their so
different and have unconditional love for us. They lay around
most of the day and it always amazes me how much sleep
they get, so no wonder they’re perky and in good moods most
of the time. Yes, some dogs are just grumpy by nature, like so
many humans. I’ve learned to watch dogs as they play, eat,
sleep, interact with each other and humans too. They’ve taught
me a lot, but they can also be greedy at times, want to always
sit on your lap or just sit on you, lol, may have accidents, chew
on something they’re not supposed to or eat off your plate, but
for the most part, I wouldn’t mind being a dog.
I know there are so many dogs in the world that don’t have
good homes and we all need to do our part and be responsible
pet owners and have them spayed or neutered, but also we
need to pay attention to the pet population on our planet just
as we need to pay attention to the human population too. Planet
earth was made to hold only so many living beings, feed only
so many and as we grow, we all need to learn how to do our part
on the planet as responsible human beings by recycling, not
being wasteful, thinking of others, sharing and so forth.
You may love cats, reptiles, birds and the list goes on and on.
I love almost all animals, but have you ever really just observed
them and watched how intelligent they are. They listen and pay
attention to Mother Earth more than we do for the most part,
there is an order to what they do and how they do it. We could
take lessons from the animals around us because they’re in
tune with nature and their senses are keen to most everything
around them. There are always exceptions, but its that way
in the human world too. I’m speaking of the norm and our
average dogs and animals. Our pets bring us so much joy and
happiness into our lives and we do the same for them.
With dogs when their hungry they eat, when they have an itch,
they scratch, when they’re tired, they rest, if they’re sick to their
stomachs, they eat grass, which many grasses have ingredients
that are made just for that. When a dog wants love, they ask for
it, they show their emotions through their body language, like
wagging their tails, their eyes and facial emotions, jumping and
some even have a “barking language” that they and other dogs
understand and even some humans! These are just some of the
things dogs do natually that I’ve observed.
I love dogs, oh I know I said that, but as I sit here typing, I have
two or three in my office and a few outside enjoying the wonderful
warm sunlight, basking, dreaming, comfortable. Oh to be a dog
in a home like mine, where they’re loved and appreciated and well,
they seem to feel the same way about me too.
Affirmation: Today I will appreciate the dog or dogs in my life
or all my pets. They deserve good things in life just as we do and
today I will believe that all things are possible and life can be good
for me and our pets! We have everything we need! I will also be
a responsible human and choose to do the right things!
Peace, light, love, joy and blessings,~
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About the Author
Fran Hafey is a Spiritual Consultant, Healer, Visionary,Writer, Earth,
Human and Animal Activist, Teacher & Motivational Speaker, living in
the mountains of Virginia. She provides guidance, inspiration and love
via her Website, Groups, Newsletter, MySpace, Facebook, blogs and much
more on the internet. She’s currently working on publishing her own books
about love, inspiriation, living a positive life, magic and nature stories for
children of all ages. 
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