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Touching The Wind

beauty A cool summer night and the wind’s blowing, now and then a bit fiercely. The wind touches us, as it flows through our hair, touches our skin, tickles our faces, but do we actually touch the wind or does she just touch us?

The wind creates whirls and swirls around the tall oak tree and causes the willow to dance.

I can remember as a child, standing with open arms like a bird as if the wind would just pick me up and I would soar above the trees and rooftops, looking down below at the places familiar and some far away from home. I remember how it felt, the feeling of being totally embraced and surrounded by its wonderful energy. I listened to her whispers to me, telling me secrets about things that feel like home to me, safe and trusting, the kind of home filled with love.

I’ve always felt like the wind is a part of me and me a part of her. Standing on a sunny hillside, feeling the wind go through me, watching everything around me moving to its rhythm, its life, its flow. From up high in a fir tree, my call to the wind was, “Wind, wind take me away, to all the places you want me to see. Take me where there is beauty, peace and no pain, surrounding me always, even in darkness. Let me feel you always near me, blowing away all that would hurt me.” With the help of the wind I did go places with many experiences, some with pain, some without, some with joy and laughter, but I still have so much more to explore and learn and the wind will always blow, it never stops, somewhere its blowing even now.

I’ve now grown up, but still I love to feel and touch the wind, as I smile and know she ‘s always near, I just have to reach out to touch her.


By Mystiblu/Fran Hafey©Copyright: Mystickblue Network © 2009. All rights reserved.


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